A Holistic View on Innovation

The Holistic View is a great tool for mapping and evaluating your organizational innovation level. It gives you a clear metric to act on. More importantly, it is a great for conversations on how to build innovation capabilities.

3 Outcomes
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A Holistic View on Innovation


Innovative companies make sure they focus on getting the right People on-board, building the right Processes and developing the right Culture for innovation. Combined, these three areas, with six items each, give you a holistic view on your innovation capability.

Use it to map and discuss your innovation readiness.



Use a paper-based or an online employee survey. Measure the 18 items, across People, Process and Culture. Rank business units, analyze for insights and impact.


Using the data, develop an innovation action plan. Boost your innovation capabilities. Let the insights fuel your next innovation development program. Build a world-class innovation engine, using A Holistic View on Innovation.

Gave us a great overview of our innovation strengths – and weaknesses

Innovation Manager

Aker Solutions
Norway / Brazil

Use Case: Global Pharmaceuticals

A global pharma company wanted to develop its innovation culture. Working with A Holistic View on Innovation, they realized company culture was only a small part of the equation. This led them to zoom out and start focusing on People (recruiting, talent development, leadership), Processes (learning, training, innovation strategy), and Culture (risk, time for innovation, internal passion).

Looking back, to management realized that focusing exclusively on the culture piece would have been a strategic mistake and an incomplete solution to the challenges they were facing.


A Holistic View on Innovation was first developed based on work by Mike Hatrick, at the time Innovation Manager at Swisslog and Member of Front End of Innovation’s Advisory Board.

How to Use it


Print the tool in the right format for your use case. For 1:1 paper-surveys we recommend A4. For small groups, A3. For larger groups or large-scale workshops, A1 or A0 works well. Have people complete the survey either by pen or Stattys (highly recommended).
You can also order this tool from our friends at Stattys.com



This tool is fully available as an employee survey, allowing you to map your company’s innovation readiness level. Include it in your company’s regular employee surveys or use Strategy Tools’ custom innovation survey. Contact us for more information.



Most importantly, once your data is in (either from paper or survey formats), focus on development and where you can improve. Many would view the strengths and weaknesses, then only focus on areas of weakness. This would be a mistake. Always strive for a ratio of 3:1; focus on your strengths and find three areas of further improvements, while also improving one weakness. This ratio will shift your development to a strengths-based mindset, greatly improving impact across your company.



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