Action Road Map

The Action Road Map helps get you from strategy to action. It sets a timeline, accountability, and helps create better buy-in from the team.

3 Outcomes
from Using
Action Road Map

From ideas to action

The Action Road Map is your perfect companion to any workshop. Move from 100+ ideas, 100’s of post-its and walls full of concepts; into a clear roadmap where everyone has three action items.
Easy – something that can be done within this week
Impact – something that will have genuine and lasting impact
Fun – something that just would be a lot of fun to do.

Align your team

Use the Action Road Map to align your team. Work visually. Work on the walls. Use Stattys. Make sure everyone participates in the process. Get visual alignment.  Check for understanding and enthusiasm.

Drive execution

Take the Action Road Map out of the workshop venue. Use to hold people accountable Use it to drive execution and implementation. Make it your go-to-tool after any successful workshop.


Quickly gets us on the same page.


Oil & Gas Service Company

Use Case: Nordic Education Company

Nordic educational company ran a week long management camp in Brazil. Board Members, founders, top management and staff all gathered for a week of company building, ideating new growth opportunities and team building. At the end of the five-day program, the group spent two hours on the Action Road Map, summarizing the retreat’s many ideas into a clear and concise Action Road Map – a roadmap where everyone, including the Board Members, had one main action item each in the categories of Easy, Impact, Fun.

How to Use it

Gather Your Best Stuff Here

The Action Road Map is your last tool at the end of any great workshop.
Make sure you have 20 – 30 minutes. Stick it to the wall, ideally next to the other tools of the day.
Have your team(s) start picking the best and most important Stattys around the room. Gather the best and most important ones in the Action Road Map.


Stattys, Sort, Focus, Align

Use Stattys, stick them to the Roadmap, sort through them in the Easy, Impact and Fun categories.
Each participant should have one action item in Easy, Impact and Fun. Align the team around the Road Map. Check for real buy in and ownership.


Bring it Back - Visually

Once you have completed your session, make sure to bring the Action Road Map back to your offices. Either as a digital version or physical stick-it-to-the-wall-tool; make sure you have it and keep it easily visible for everyone.


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