Building Blocks for Superclusters

What are the key building blocks of an Innovation Supercluster? How can both new and experienced Innovation Cluster Managers grow a stronger cluster? Building Blocks for Superclusters gives you seven key areas to focus on to get started.  

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Building Blocks for Superclusters

Get the pieces that matter

Building Blocks helps you understand the seven key building blocks underpinning successful Innovation Superclusters.

Build a stronger Innovation Cluster

Using the self-assessment metric with your key stakeholders, allows you to quickly map out current status and give you a clear metric to improve on in order to build a stronger innovation cluster.

Align your board and key stakeholders

Importantly, the tool allows you to quickly and easily align your key stakeholders around new initiatives.


Start Date:  4 November, 2019

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Great insights.

Cluster Manager


Use Case: MaGIC

The Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre (MaGIC) used the Building Blocks as one of the first strategy tools to start getting a grasp of what an innovation supercluster was and what makes it tick.

How to Use it

Stick it to the Wall

Print the strategy tool in a suitable size, or buy yours from

Stick it to the wall or use in a PowerPoint presentation.


Discuss the Seven Blocks

Introduce the seven building blocks. Discuss for understanding and current assessment. Consider using the self-assessment ranking for each building block. 


Put Together a Plan

Based on your discussions and metric output, put together an action plan for improving your Supercluster initiative.


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