Cluster Landscape Map

Sitting at the intersection between Innovation Clusters and innovative ecosystems, the Cluster Landscape Map aims to give you a wide lens on your wider cluster landscape. The Map provides ten key areas – your ecosystem  – sitting around and at the edges of your innovation cluster. The Cluster Landscape Map is designed for cluster leaders, cluster developers and anyone working at the intersection of clusters and ecosystems.

3 Outcomes Using
the Cluster Landscape Map

See the bigger picture

Use the Landscape Map to see key partners, knowledge nodes, activities and programs that are just beyond the boundaries of your cluster.

Understand your cluster in its ecosystem

With respect, learn more about the other nodes, influencers, programs and policies in your ecosystem. Ask questions. Listen well. Understand how your cluster fits in and can contribute to the larger ecosystem development.

Think beyond your cluster

Take a different perspective. Try to look at the industry development, technology development, the overall ecosystem and the cluster – from the outside. Put yourself in the shoes of others. Be humble in seeking an understanding of how your cluster can positively contribute to the larger ecosystem development for years to come.

This can help us think far beyond our own cluster.

Innovation Cluster Manager

Use Case: BETA

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How to Use it


The Cluster Landscape Map is a superb workshop tool. Print large sizes, from 90 x 120 cm, up to 120 x 150 cm. Stick it to the wall, use Stattys, get to work!


While a complex tool for any one single user, the Map is superb for individual mapping and reflection.


Once it’s started – but never completed – share it. Put in on the wall in a public area. Ask for input. Put it online. Ask for suggestions. Share. Develop. Learn.

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