The Cluster Leadership Map

The Cluster Leadership Map is a too to support leadership at innovation clusters of any size. From small emerging clusters, to global superclusters, the Cluster Leadership Map helps leaders at all levels improve their leadership skills.

Use it for personal reflection, 1:1 coaching conversation, team sessions or leadership development programs of any size. Combines well with Supercluster Structure 2.0.

3 Outcomes
from Using
the Cluster Leadership Map

Think more strategically

Most leaders are busy. They execute. Get stuff done.
Use the Map to realign you leadership priorities and focus. Raise your leadership focus from operational and member-focused to strategic and networked.

Align the board and key stakeholders

To most people, leadership in innovation clusters is a brand new experience. It takes time to develop a full understanding and even more to get the board on-board. Use the Leadership Map to align expectations with your board and key stakeholders. Works very well in board sessions, combined with the Supercluster Structure 2.0.

Develop better cluster leadership

Most importantly, you as a cluster leader will improve your leadership skills. Use the map personally, with your coach or your team to discuss expectations, roles, areas of strengths and (a few) areas of improvement. Use it over time. Grow as a cluster leader.


Global Cluster Leadership Program

Develop your strategic cluster leadership skills in our online program. Connect and collaborate with fellow cluster leaders.

World Map

Snapshot: How to Use It

The Cluster Leadership Map can be used for individual reflection, 1:1 coaching, team or even leadership development programs.

The mini-case below shows the CEO of a very member-focused innovation cluster. Typical to most cluster CEOs, she is very focused on members, she’s busy and very hand-on. But she is lacking the time, energy, support and process for working at a higher-impact, strategic level. This would be a good 6 – 12 month development plan for her cluster leadership development.

How to Use It

Find Your Use Case and Size

The Cluster Leadership Map can be utilized alone, in pairs or in larger groups. Find your own use case, that suits you.

Individually or 1:1, we recommend A3 (or slightly larger format). For groups, we would suggest larger formats, even 110cm or more.

Write Directly onto the Tool or on Stattys

You can write directly onto the Map or use it with Stattys. That is up to you.

We would suggest you keep it and track your own development over time. This is not a one-time fling.

You may want to use it daily to keep focus, weekly to measure weekly progress or monthly to discuss and reflect with your coach.

Find Your Personal Motivation

The eight levels of leadership is a structure. But it might nowt suit everyone. Some people are not comfortable being «visionary». They just want to get things done. That’s fine. Equally, some prefer to stay lofty and think strategically, but get bugged by the daily trappings of being the manager.

Make sure to find your passion, your motivation for the leadership role. Go blaze your own path. Just this as a supporting guide, not a strict direction.


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