Corporate Venture Capital Canvas

The Corporate Venture Capital Canvas (CVC Canvas) helps you build a strategy for a Corporate Venture Capital program by identifying the key items for a successful CVC.

3 Outcomes
from Using
the Corporate Venture Capital Canvas

Better ROI

Successfully implemented, the CVC Canvas will make your corporate venture strategy more successful and give a better Return-On-Investment for the entire CVC program.


Stronger Innovation Strategy

Corporate Venturing is an integral part of a Minimum Innovation Strategy;  Using the Build-Buy-Partner-Co Invest- Co Develop framework. A solid foundation in corporate venturing, will have a positive spill-over effect into the larger innovation strategy. 

World-Class Competitive Edge

Corporate venturing can give companies a major competitive edge. Intel, Google, Microsoft, Uber, Baidu and Alibaba are among the top corporate venturing firms, driving significant strategic and financial value for their stakeholders.  Many can learn from the innovation strategies and world class CVC teams at these firms. The CVC Canvas is one step in this direction.

Great starting tool for new Corporate Venture Capital teams.

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Use Case: Nordic Bank

A Nordic bank was looking to develop a corporate venture strategy. This grew out of deep frustrations with the lack of urgency, execution and speed in the internal innovation work. After visiting leading European CVC teams, the bank CEO decided to launch its own CVC team.
Quickly realizing the structure would have to be placed outside the main organization, management started looking for a way to build a powerful, Nordic CVC strategy. In fact, management eventually decided to host the new entity across the country in a different city, to ensure both distance from the mothership as well as access to a better fin tech ecosystem.
During this process, the bank used the CVC Canvas to better understand where it was headed and what pieces it needed to have in place.

How to Use it


The CVC Canvas is designed for new CVC teams or companies just getting started on their CVC strategy. Use the CVC Canvas to build the early outlines of a CVC Strategy, gather early ideas and test your first shot at a Corporate Venture Program.


Learn & Evolve

Over time, often weeks or even months, the team will gain insights and experience. Go back and revisit the CVC Canvas. Keep it handy, on the office wall, in a large format. Update and edit with Stattys as your thinking evolve.


Compare With & Create Global Best Practice

The art of corporate venturing is rapidly evolving as more companies add it to their innovation arsenals. Stay tuned into the global discourse. Use the CVC Canvas to track best practice, by morphing new content into your own strategy. Compare your work with best practices, perhaps even help create the new, global best practice.


Note: The CVC Canvas works very well together with the Minimum Innovation Strategy, and the CVC Matchmaker and CVC Deal Map.


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