Corporate Venture Capital Deal Map

Use the CVC Deal Map to map out a CVC deal, align interests and create a shared roadmap to success in CVC deals. Used correctly, this tool will help you answer the question, “is this a good deal for our CVC?”

3 Outcomes
from Using
the CVC Deal Map

Get a powerful corporate venture strategy tool

The CVC Deal Map allows any corporate venture team to quickly build their CVC strategy.

Create a deal map and shared roadmap

Working closely with your potential investment target, clarify strategic rationale, roadmap to success and quickly map out whether this investment makes sense to you.

Align expectations and de-risk together

Get close and align mutual expectations. Identify shared risks and  how to deal with them across in-house, startup and market.


Corporate Strategy Leader

Property Development Company

Use Case: Property Development

A property development company considered investing in a solar energy startup. The strategic match seemed obvious, but both parties felt undecided and wanted to dig a little deeper into the deal before committing. Was this a good match?

How to Use it

Stick it to the Wall

Use both internally or together with the startup.
Print in large canvas size and stick it to the wall.
You can also order it in reusable prints from our friends at 

Write on Stattys

Use Stattys notes, to sketch out key items, ideas and expectations. Move them around as the conversations shifts and evolves. 

Structure and Discuss

Discuss the outcome, add more insights and Stattys. Find ways to mitigate challenges or risks that emerge. Try to balance out all ten areas. Focus on understanding the other parties.


Matching Tools

The CVC Deal Map works well with the Corporate Venture Capital Canvas and the Corporate Venture Capital Matchmaker.

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