Customer Personas Cards

How well do you understand your end customers? This tool helps you answer that question. By understanding your customer needs, and getting this communicated across to the engineering teams – you can achieve a better product-market fit.

3 Outcomes
from Using
Customer Personas Cards

Understand your customers

Use the Customer Personas Card to understand your customers and how your service might fit to their need (hint: frequent mismatches occur). Importantly, use the Card to map out many stakeholders and diverse needs on your customer side. Use the Card to gain a deeper insights into all the buyers, influencers, peers, minions and saboteurs on the customer’s side of the table.

Focus on what truly matters

With your sharpened insights and understanding, zoom in and focus on what is truly important to your end customers. Can you simplify your service?

Design for product-market fit

Use the new found insights to review your product, service and business model. Can you design for better Product-Market Fit?


Wow! This was perfect for us.

Innovation Manager

Banking Industry

Use Case: Aquaculture Tech Startup

An aquaculture technology startup had designed a paradigm shifting solution to a massive industry problem, manually counting sea lice. The team, all engineers, had combined hardware and software innovation to develop a new technology and service to the industry. But, struggling with market traction, the Board started to shift the conversation from “product” to “distribution”.

Digging into the customer side of the equation, the team realized they actually had very limited understanding of the customer’s buying process, their motivations and most importantly, who the key stakeholders were on the client side.

Using the Customer Personas Cards, they mapped out the key touchpoints on the customer side, ranging from fish farmers getting their boots wet up to fish health manager, CFO and CEO. In total, they identified seven different “buyers” on the customer side.

Armed with the Customer Personas Cards, the team then mapped out each of the seven buyers. The process revealed the seven had very different motivations, different jobs-to-be-done, they were vastly different customer types (including one likely saboteur) and, consequently, the company required very different value propositions.

The solution came once the startup founders dug into the customer side more closely, analyzing and understanding, not tech and code, but customer problems, ambitions and pain points. Combined, this allowed them to design for perfect fit; not company to company, but slightly differently to all of the seven “buyers” on the customer side.

How to Use it

Print them out

There are ten different designs (customer profiles)  to the Customer Personas Card. This allows you to easily map out and visualize different customer profiles.

We recommend working with A3 Format, in regular print paper. If you prefer PVC materials, you can order reusable Customer Personas Cards from our friends at


Fill them in

Once you have your materials, work with your team to identify customer personas. These can either come from future potential customers, current active customers or former customers that have left your service. Importantly, think about the many customer personas you can have in any one single company. Perhaps it makes sense to map out all the stakeholders you face within a larger corporate account.


Find patterns & discuss

Once completed to the best of your abilities, take a step back and look for patterns. What are the things you notice or uncover in your early work?
What would you have to change or revise in order to achieve a more perfect fit with your target customers and their various decision-makers?  How can you design an even more compelling value proposition and product-market fit?


The Customer Personas Card is a surprisingly simple tool to use, but experience has shown us that most organizations are woefully lacking this kind of customer insights.


The Customer Personas Card is also a powerful  tool to bring into any kind of design sprint, hackathon, sprint, bootcamp or innovation program. Good luck


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