Ecosystem Canvas

Are you trying to grasp a brand new ecosystem? Then the Ecosystem Canvas is for you. Designed to provide a broad lens on ecosystems, the Canvas helps make sense of brand new environments, landscapes, industries, and ecosystems. Are you building a new startup in a new field, leading a corporate exploration unit or a venture fund looking to invest in an entirely new ecosystem? Well, then the Ecosystem Canvas is for you.

3 Outcomes Using
the Ecosystem Canvas

Understand the new landscape

Initially, use the Ecosystem Canvas to make sense of the basic layout of a new ecosystem. Work with your team, external partners or simply by yourself to sketch out the key elements in the new landscape.

Focus your research

As you progress, identify gaps and areas of interest. Dig deeper. Focus your energy and attention on these areas. Dive into Crunchbase, CB Insights, Startup Genome and other sources to get more detailed information. List key people by names, roles and – importantly – try to understand how they are connected.

Master Ecosystem Dynamics

Over time, or working with a multi-disciplined team, try to map out a very detailed understanding of the ecosystem. Aim to uncover and understand interconnectivity and how people, events, and companies influence each other’s decision-making processes. Simply, who’s calling the shots in this space?

This really makes it clear to us how much work we still have left to do in this space.

Investment Manager, Family Office

Use Case: BETA

Send us your input, instant feedback, and comments at [email protected]. Feel free to add any photos.

How to Use it

Print it in a big format

Print, large format. We recommend 120 cm x 150 cm – or larger. Print several, as you might end up working on multiple ecosystems at the same time .

Work on Stattys

Initially, it makes sense to work on Stattys. As you progress, and you start getting a deeper understanding of that specific ecosystem, free free to use pens or markers directly onto the Canvas. After all, you already have much more available, and your Ecosystem Canvas is going to evolve as it goes through many rounds and iterations.

Research, learn and seek to understand

Differently from many of the other Strategy Tools, the Ecosystem Canvas is an excellent tool to support your research work. Use it as a template to dig into the ecosystem at hand. Get out of the building, meet people, do interviews and strive to gain new perspectives. Expect to use months to gain sufficient insights into a new ecosystem. Enjoy the ride.


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