Ecosystem Map

Want to build a world-class innovation ecosystem? Get your hands on the Ecosystem Map. Learn from best practices in Switzerland. Start building a better innovation ecosystem today. This tool helps you map out your existing ecosystem, identify key players, build on strengths and improve weaknesses.

3 Outcomes
the Ecosystem Map

Map your ecosystem

Get a complete overview of your innovation ecosystem. Start with your city, region or country. Map out all key players, organizations, events and more.

Build awareness

Spread the love. Put the map online and watch it go viral. Open it, and let the crowd help you build out the map, engage with stakeholders and create awareness.

Grow a stronger scosystem

With the baseline information in hand, start building. Identify existing strengths, add to those. Improve gaps. Slowly, slowly, over time, grow a stronger innovation ecosystem.

This really helps us shape a stronger innovation ecosystem.

Manager, Innovation Agency

Use Case: Look to Switzerland

The Ecosystem Map is taken from the impresive tech ecosystem that has been emering in Switzerland over the last few years.

In 2018, when Christian Rangen wrote the report on Building Switzerland’s Innovation Superclusters, he was introduced to a dynamic and rapidly growing tech ecosystem. Since then, the ecosystem has evolved in leaps and bounds, notably on access to and quality of the venture capital side.

Many countries, governments and ecossytems would benefit from «look to Switzerland»

You can find the excellent original, curated by SICTIC and Digital Switzerland here. 

How to Use it

Print & Workshops

Print the map and use it in local workshops. Print 120cm x 150 cm or larger. Engage the audience in collaborative ecosystem mapping together.

Long-term development

Are you an ecosystem builder? Plan a long-term development program. Identify key people, nodes and influencers. Bring people together, map, sketch and discuss. Just make sure you have a long-term plan with the ecosystem development.

Online, crowdsource it

Follow Switzerland’s example. Put it online, use our app (this tool is coming in 2020) or just open a Google Slides and let anyone input names, organizations, programs, and events.

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