Ecosystem Shakers Map

How well do you know your «ecosystem movers and shakers»? We believe ecosystems are made up of connections, relationships and interactions. Breath and reach of personal networks matter. Yet, some ecosystems have very wide and tight relationships. Others have closed and loose, producing less effective ecosystems. The Ecosystem Shakers Map allows you to map out the key «movers and shakers» and top three ecosystem initiatives – all in the spirit of building better innovation ecosystems.

3 Outcomes Using
the Ecosystem Shakers Map


Map your key people and early-stage organizations. Think beyond your local region or geography. Your most important ecosystem developer may be living somewhere else, building bridges and connect your region to a global innovation hotspot.


Dig deeper, learn who the key “movers and shakers” are. Listen to your network, strive to find new, unknown names. Get them on the map. Understand their motivations, ambitions, and aspirations.


Reach out. Connect. Invite in. Build relationships with new and old “movers and shakers”. Use the Map to identify key people and start building those crucial relationships – for long-term ecosystem development.

Very helpful.

Ecosystem Developer

Use Case: Silicon Valley

Below is a short use case from Silicon Valley.

We have identified the people and companies, fuelling the entrepreneurial ecosystem. In the example, we have also identified the three most important initiatives or shifts currently going through the ecosystem.

This is a short use case from the world’s most innovative ecosystem, Silicon Valley. The information in the tool should be widely known already. What really drives our curiosity is how this tool comes to life in other, less mature ecosystems.

What will happen when we run this tool at the EU as a huge ecosystem, at Maritime technology on Iceland or AI ecosystem in Denmark. That remains to be seen. But early use cases and workshops indicates the Ecosystem Shakers Map can be a powerful strategy tool to build better ecosystems.

How to Use it

Individual reflection

The Map can be used for individual reflections and note taking. Very useful for ecosystem developers of different roles. Grab a PDF, PPT or paper version, serve yourself a favourite drink and sit down to reflect, think through and write up your “movers and shakers”

Print & workshop format

For larger workshops, print it in 90 x 120 or 120 x 150 cm formats. Stick it to the wall and have participants, ideally participants from all over the ecosystem, add their suggestions, recommendations, and top proposals. Use Stattys or Post-Its to be able to shift suggestions around over time.

Discuss with key people

Take it to the people. Bring it with you when you work with various ecosystem initiatives. Importantly, mature ecosystems like London, Berlin, Zurich and Stockholm will have loads of rankings and listings. But 2nd and 3rd tier ecosystems will often be lacking the critical mass for this. Now, just go ahead with the Ecosystem Shakers Map.


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