Industry Shifts Map

Use the Industry Shifts Map to understand how your world is changing. Most companies have a limited interest in what happens outside of their company / industry. This tool helps you make sense of what’s happening and how it could affect your company’s trajectory.

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3 Outcomes
from Using
the Industry Shifts Map

Understand how your industry is changing

The Industry Shifts Map is designed for companies to make sense of, analyze, and act on deep, structural industry changes, what we call “industry shifts”.

Align your management team

We often hear management teams tell us they were aware of these impending changes, but fail to fully grasp their potential and threats to the company they were leading. The Industry Shifts Map helps you to align and develop a shared understanding of what is happening around you. 

Be strategically prepared to face these industry shifts

Once you and the team are aware of  the industry shifts you are or will be facing, the Industry Shifts Map helps identify, analyze, and develop capabilities to go after new market opportunities.



Airline Industry

Use Case: Local Utility Company

In most markets, local utilities are stuck in the past, less then willing to learn, adapt to a changing energy paradigm and develop new business models and revenue streams. Having worked closely with utilities in Europe and Asia, we have seen, that’s not always the case. Our Snapshot shows a utility company with a good understanding and response to the need for new business models, with a fair grasp of smart grid (software, sensors) and renewable energy sources, but in the lower right corner, there are three flashing danger signs. The end of coal, batteries and rise of distributed energy are three industry shifts putting the utility under significant pressure with no clear strategy or response. A tough spot for any utility.

How to Use it

Stick it on the walls

The Map is an excellent tool in a 1:1 session; and even better for a team. Use it with your management team or board. They really love this.

We love sticking the Map on the wall, ideally in a big format like 150 x 110 or bigger. Start by discussing:

What are industry shifts? Read the text in area number one. Discuss what are industry shifts to us? How would we recognize them? What could they mean to us?

Write on Stattys

As you move into section 2, list top 3-5 industry shifts your industry is facing or expect to be facing in the future.

Ask your team to write on Stattys / Post-Its (at least initially). Get suggestions onto Stattys; stick them to the Industry Shifts Map.

Next, list them in priority sequence.

Transfer and Discuss

Place your 3-5 most critical Stattys onto the Industry Shifts Map itself.

Make sure to place these according to the two axis, the power of the shift and our ability to deal with them.

This should map out a picture of your company’s ability to both understand changes that are coming, but more importantly give you a visual map of how well you are able to handle them.


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