Innovation Strategy Map

We call this the “one-page innovation strategy”. The tool helps you create a more holistic innovation strategy and think and work more strategically about your innovations.

3 Outcomes
from Using the
Innovation Strategy Map

Keep it simple

The Innovation Strategy Map allows you a simple, baseline introduction to the one + five pillars of an innovation strategy. Start by identifying your possible Market Opportunities. Then, select from the five pillars how you want to pursue the opportunity by Build-Buy-Partner-Co Invest-Co Develop.

Get your entry level Innovation Strategy

The framework is built on Cisco’s famous innovation strategy. Now, you can use the Map to quickly build your entry level innovation strategy based on the same five pillars.

Upgrade as your learn

The Map is a true starting point. Once you, your team or organization has fully grasped it, upgrade to the Minimum Innovation Strategy and build your own world-class innovation strategy.

This is a great setup for us.

Bank Director


Use Case: Global Bank

The head of strategy in a global bank, used the Innovation Strategy Map as his one-page, go-to strategy tool. Fearing the disruptive shifts in the world of fintech, he knew the company needed to accelerate its innovation efforts. The Innovation Strategy Map was to him the perfect tool to bring into the already on-going conversations, meetings, workshops and, over time, shift the conversation from a very internal innovation culture to a larger degree of openness and external collaboration

How to Use it

Print it in a handy format

Many users like the Innovation Strategy Map as a one-page, handy tool.
Order it from our friends at or print it handy.


Strategic Conversations

Use the Map in strategic conversations. Help expand the internal understanding of an innovation strategy and how a Build-Buy-Partner-Co Invest – Co Develop strategy might actually benefit you.


Upgrade to the Minimum Innovation Strategy Canvas

The Map is really only the little brother to the Minimum Innovation Strategy Canvas. Once you have the basics down, consider upgrading to the larger, more complex and more advanced MIS Canvas.



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