The Investor Map

This is your investor segmentation tool that helps you segment your invsetor prospects and select the right investor for you based on financial and strategic fit.

3 Outcomes
from Using
the Investor Map

Find the Right Investors that Fit

Early stage funding is more than just money. The difference between “any money”, and “smart money”, is huge. The Investor Map will help you clarify your capital need and who the right investors are for you at any given stage. 

Map out Your Investor Prospects at Your Stage

Use the Investor Map to identify the perfect investors for you. From seed, angel, a-, b- and c-series, use the Investor Map, together with your input, network and online sources to map out your investor prospects.  

Raise Smarter

Fundraising is tough, time-consuming and exhausting. We think the Investor Map can help founders, scale-ups and boards all over the world raise their funding rounds smarter. That’s our goal. The Map is designed to work together with Your Funding Plan ,Your Long-Term Funding Roadmap and the Scale-Up Map, all found in the Startup Series.

This is essential in helping get an overview of our best investor prospects.

Startup Founder


Snapshot: Hardware Startup

Nordic hardware startup Blickz is looking for its angel round investment. Never having raised any money from anyone before, the founders are quite novices to the entire process. So, they Google, and hope for the best? The outcome is a messy, unorganized map, with Chinese, American, Norwegian, Finnish and British firms, side by side. Mixed with friends and family, this is doomed to a rough start.

Can they do better? We would hope so.

How to Use it

Stick it on the walls

The Investor Map is an excellent tool in a 1:1 session; and even better for the  team, board, stakeholders and investors.

We love sticking the Map on the wall, ideally in a big format like 120 x 90cm or bigger. 

Write on Stattys

Ask your team to write on Stattys (at least initially). Get contacts, suggestions, names and early ideas. Stick them to the Map. Move things around. Evolve. Do your research. Develop your intelligent investor lists.

Discuss & Decide

Securing your investors will be a 1:1 job. Cold calling strangers won’t work. Use your network and your team’s network. Develop task lists and follow-ups for the entire team. Track your progress.

Work on the App

The Investor Map is available digitally on the Strategy Tools App. 

Input all your data and share it with your team mates. Get a quick overview and export it in PDF and .csv formats.

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