Scale-Up Map

The Scale-Up Map enables you to map out your growth strategy in a single view. It helps startups to look beyond the now and build a short-, medium- and long-term growth strategy.

On a single page, you will be able to map out and keep track of the key value drivers for your startup, and align your team, board, and investors around your scale-up plan.

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3 Outcomes
from Using
the Scale-Up Map

Think Ahead in Your Operations

Most startups know how to sprint to MVP, User Insights and Product-Market Fit, but few have solid strategies beyond that. The Scale-Up Map helps your team and you as a startup coach move beyond Product-Market Fit and think ahead in your day-to-day operations. The Map should give a 12 – 24-month framework for building a better scale-up.

Get All the Pieces to the Puzzle

Any startup founder will have too much on his or her mind. The team will rapidly move in many directions. Few can cover all the pieces. The Scale-Up Map gives you and the team a holistic strategy framework for rapid growth. As you will learn, you will need very different investors, accelerators, team, and board as you move through the seven phases.

Understand the 7 Growth Phases

The Scale-Up Map will walk you through the key phases a startup will sprint through as they grow, these are – Market Need, Concept, MVP, Launch, Scale Up, Strong Market Position, and Profit Engine. Each of these phases require very different investors, partners and strategies – and the Map will help you see that.


Scale Up Coach

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We have 50 teams all over South America using the Scale Up Map.

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Use Case: Drone Scale-Up Finzz

Consumer drone company Finzz has reached their launch scale. They have a solid background, but now laying their detailed growth strategy for the next two phases. Notice how they have identified future accelerators, board members, investors and exit-candidates, even though that is still some time of in the future.

How to Use it

Stick it on the walls

The Scale-Up Map is an excellent tool in a 1:1 session; and even better for the team, board, mentors and investors.
We love sticking the Map on the wall, ideally in a big format like 120 x 90cm or bigger.

Write on Stattys

Ask your team to write on Stattys(at least initially). Get ideas, suggestions, priorities and early thoughts. Stick them to the Map.

Transfer and Discuss

Once ideas are on the wall, discuss, reflect, and execute like crazy. This is your 12 –24-month Scale-Up Map. All ready to go!


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