Strategic Innovation Canvas

The Strategic Innovation Canvas gives you and your team the ability to think beyond today in terms of managing your innovation, strategy, or business model portfolio.

3 Outcomes
from Using
the Strategic Innovation Canvas

Develop a future-fit strategy

Companies can no longer work incrementally. The days of the traditional three horizons approach have been replaced by the need for far more aggressive, forward thinking innovation leadership. Balance Operations, Improvements and Radical Innovation. Use the Strategic Innovation Canvas to build a future-fit strategy.

Build a true innovation portfolio

Using the Canvas, most groups and firms realize they simply need to build a balanced innovation portfolio. Strike the balance of short-term and long-term, incremental and radical to develop a true innovation portfolio.

Visualize and align your team on your growth strategy

Work visually, work in diverse groups and work on the future. Using the Strategic Innovation Canvas, you will see excitement, understanding, buy-in and alignment around your new growth strategy.

The Strategic Innovation Canvas is invaluable for implementation. It first helps you create a vision, then shines the light on what you should do first, how you should facilitate that change around your day-to-day processes, and what needs to happen in the next 12-24 months to see it to success. You can create and base your entire strategy on this one tool alone.

It is very powerful.

Kristian E. Fjelde

Head of Corporate Strategy Development
Equinor (Formerly Statoil)

Use Case: Global Pharma Company

Global pharma company, Biotage, launched their 1BN strategy. Just coming of a financial year with nearly 700M in sales, the 1BN revenue target required a massive leap. They wanted to expand their company wide innovation capability. Among the tools they implemented was the Strategic Innovation Canvas. This allowed them to build a clear language around innovation in Operations, Improvements and radical, while also aligning all departments and global locations behind the new growth strategy.

How to Use it

Stick it on the walls

Print the Strategic Innovation Canvas in large formats. We often use 120 cm or more.

Big groups = Big discussions

Use the tools in groups of 2 – 12 people. We find that this tool specifically is able to hold and engage more people way better than most design-driven strategy tools.
If the venue is large enough, you can easily do 20 – 40 groups for one single session.
Combined, this allows for 4 – 500 people in one, single, large-scale strategy session.


More focused leadership teams

40+ groups in one session can have huge impact. But we still find the biggest impact of the Strategic Innovation Canvas lies in the Board Room or Top Management Team. Use the canvas to develop a hands-on (pens, Stattys, movement. Not slides) growth strategy. Have all members of the leadership team get active and take responsibilities for various initiatives  in the portfolio.

Make sure to positively challenge them on time, time availability and how they as a management team want to balance Operations, Improvements and Radical Innovation.




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