Strategy Alignment

When the management team has different views on strategy and implementation, this tool helps get the whole team on the same page.

3 Outcomes
from Using
Strategy Alignment

Can we say what our strategy is?

Research shows most executives can’s say what their company strategy is. Use the tool to bring your management team onto the same page. Sketch out or summarize (in 35 words or less), your new company strategy.


Do we have the right team for the job ahead?

New strategy = change. How does this impact the composition of your management team? Any new roles to fill or people to pull in? Any existing roles or people that should be changed up or removed? Do you really have the right team in in place?

Is the execution plan clear to everyone?

Are you able to quickly hash out the execution plan, creating alignment between the three areas?
Your execution should be short, to the point, supported by key metrics and always, always have an owner with her name on the tool.


Excellent alignment tool for our management team.

Ashran Dato Ghazi

Former CEO
Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre

Use Case: MaGIC 

Strategy Alignment was originally developed in close collaboration with Malaysian innovation center, MaGIC and their top management team. MaGIC used the Strategy Alignment as an integrated part of the strategy development process. The tool helped summarize and execute a new growth strategy for one of Asias leading innovation hubs and accelerators, Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Center.

How to Use it

Stick it to the Wall

We recommend printing the Strategy Alignment in large format, minimum 110 cm or above.
Stick it to the wall. Keep it visible.


Integrate into the Process

We prefer integrating the three areas; strategy, team, execution into the topics of the larger workshop, rather than just summarize at the end of a workshop, like we do with the Action Roadmap. In ways that suit your overall workshop design, make sure you cover these three topics and work on the tool during the session(s).

Create an Honest, Open Discussion

Use the Strategy Alignment to get an honest, open discussion on the three areas.
Do we all fully understand and buy-in to the strategy? Do we have the right management team? What changes should we make? Do we have a clear execution plan in place? What more is needed to drive implementation?



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