Strategy Intro

The #1 strategy tool for companies of every size. The Strategy Intro is the perfect starting point for any strategy process – for startups, scale-ups and corporates.

3 Outcomes
from Using
the Strategy Intro

Build a Balanced Strategy

All companies need to balance their strategy between Core, Growth & Explore. Failure to do this will be a deadly risk to the future health of the company. The Strategy Intro gives you a baseline, entry-level framework to build a balanced business strategy.

Create a Clear Roadmap

The Strategy Intro is often used by all levels within the company to understand, communicate, and build its overarching strategy. With a structure that’s easy to grasp and follow, anyone can use it quickly and easily.

Alignment Across the Board

The Strategy Intro really works to get those strategic conversations aligned, discuss and rephrase future priorities, projects, business models and more – with effective use, you will see the pieces of the strategy puzzle really come together.

The engagement from the team using the Strategy Intro tool was mindblowing.

Kristian E. Fjelde

Head of Corporate Strategy Development
Equinor (Formerly Statoil)

Use Case: From Cars to Mobility?

A car manufacturer, locked in a traditional supply chain, manufacturing and unit sales-based business model, might want to consider balancing its strategy with early positions into mobility and beyond. Already, car ownership is on the decline in many markets, the rise of shared mobility, micro-mobility, new EVs and clean transportation platforms, the rapid evolution of TRL levels for autonomous cars….. Perhaps it is a good time to shift?

Below is a quick snapshot of how a traditional car manufacturer could move into both Growth and Explore areas. But, they would have to invest in new skills, people, business models, partnerships and possibly a venture fund structure. Would they?

How to Use it

Stick it on the walls

Use the Strategy Intro as your baseline strategy tool. Try compiling all your 296 strategy slides into the framework. Simplify. Cut again. Focus. If your strategy is any good, you should be able to compile everything, reorganize it and focus it on One Main Idea + Three Supporting Areas.

Don’t have a strategy yet? No worries. The Strategy Intro is an excellent tool in a 1:1 session, and even better for a team shaping an early strategy project. Place the Strategy Intro on the wall, ideally in a large format.


Write on Stattys

Work, rework, and redesign. 

Try coming up with a simple, compelling Ambition. Iterate. 

Try to scope the three areas in a way that would make sense to most people. Keep it simple. Sketch out business models you already have. Place them where they already belong. Throw in some new ones.


Structure and Discuss

As an early strategy emerges, stress test it, pitch it, fetch some colleagues in the hallway and see if the story starts making sense yet. 

Bring this early structure into strategy workshops, 1:1 sessions, present, ask, listen. 

Over time, a clear strategy message will appear.


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