Supercluster Capital Strategy Map

Innovation Clusters and Superclusters are on the rise around the world. But to be succesful, these innovation clusters need to develop solid capital strategies. Few of them have significant experience in this field.  This brings up questions like: How can an Innovation Supercluster build a capital strategy? How can a innovation cluster think strategically about capital? How can a cluster map out and understand the capital landscape?

The Supercluster Capital Strategy Map allows clusters, cluster managers and key stakeholders answer these questions and develop a global capital strategy.


3 Outcomes
from Using
the Supercluster Capital Strategy Map

Understand How Risk Capital Works

In our work with ecosystems and clusters, few people truly understand how private risk capital works, and how it can be utilized for success across the ecosystem. From active business angels, Corporate Venture, small venture funds and beyond, the Supercluster Capital Strategy Map helps you to learn the basics.

Go Beyond Your Home Turf

Many eco-systems and cluster programs tend to reach out to a handful of local investors, and stop there. That is a big mistake. The Capital Strategy Map invites you to explore investor opportunities beyond your home turf.


Build a Solid Capital Strategy

Most clusters would like to attract more investments, but their current approach can best be summarized as “hope”. By truly putting work into the Capital Strategy Map; learn it, build on it, implement programs, networks, hire people with clear responsibilities and metrics, training the core team and key stakeholders in the Capital Strategy Map; by doing this you build and implement a strategy, not just a hope.


Start Date:  4 November, 2019

Global Cluster Leadership Program

Develop your strategic cluster leadership skills in our 6 week online program. Connect and collaborate with fellow cluster leaders.

World Map

Gives us an amazing overview.

Cluster CEO

Clean Energy

Snapshot: Clean Energy

The Norwegian Solar Cluster has ambitions to build a truly global Innovation Supercluster. In summer 2018, the cluster’s management got their first introduction to the Capital Strategy Map. This quickly led to a solid capital strategy, hiring a dedicated Investor Relations Manager and, in 2019, launching their own accelerator and venture fund.

How to Use it

Stick it to the Wall

Print the strategy tool in a suitable size, or buy yours from

Stick it to the wall or use in a PowerPoint presentation.

This gives participants the visual overview and big picture thinking that is required to grasp the map


Map Out Current Capital Landscape

Once everyone is familiarized with the tool, start mapping out both current and prospective capital landscape. This can range from local investor meetups, to European angel networks or US-based venture firms.

We recommend using two Stattys colors, one for mapping out what you already have active in your cluster and another for potential capital partners or events that might become active in the future.

From Tool to Software

Once you have completed the working session, we recommend bringing the results into the software.

You will find Supercluster Capital Strategy Map as one of the first software tools, available at

Here, you can use it like any project software or CRM system to keep track of and develop your capital strategy.  

Work on the App

The Supercluster Capital Strategy Map is available digitally on the Strategy Tools App. 

Input all your data and share it with your team mates. Get a quick overview and export it in PDF and .csv formats.

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