Supercluster Capital Strategy

We want to develop a Supercluster Capital Strategy. Where do we start?
That is a question we often get.
Well, the answer is, right here, with the Supercluster Capital Strategy

This tools helps you get started on a capital strategy. It gives you the framework for developing, communicating and implementing a fully-fledged capital strategy and it helps cluster boards and management teams understand, develop and implement a solid capital strategy.

Note, this is designed to be used closely with the Supercluster Capital Strategy Map.

3 Outcomes
from Using
the Supercluster Capital Strategy 

See Where the Money Is

Every cluster we have seen, met or worked with over the past two years all have plenty of investors in their wider ecosystem – but they just don’t see them yet. 

Once you start working on your Supercluster Capital Strategy, you will realize many of your most important and active investor prospects have been there all along, you have just failed to activate them into the cluster. .

Build an Intelligent Capital Strategy

We have seen a good selection of cluster capital strategies. Most of them can best be understood as “bits and pieces”. Few, if any, have a coherent line of thinking, a clear ambition, key milestones, core capabilities, clear responsibilities and an implementation plan.

Cluster capital strategies are often emergent, but just barely. I believe we can do better. For the sake of our members, let’s build a coherent, intelligent capital strategy with a far stronger chance of success. 

Lay Out a Long-Term Road Map

Successfully developing and implementing a Supercluster Capital Strategy is a 3,5 or even 10 year project. You need to think and plan for the long-term success, possibly beyond your own time working with the cluster. Despite the long horizon, you can start today.
Build a one-year learning program. Start with realistic ambitions and small steps. Build capabilities and recruit capital talent. Lay out a long-term roadmap – but get started right now.


Start Date:  4 November, 2019

Global Cluster Leadership Program

Develop your strategic cluster leadership skills in our 6 week online program. Connect and collaborate with fellow cluster leaders.

World Map

This gave us exactly the structure we needed.

Cluster Manager

Seafood Innovation Cluster

Use Case: Ocean Tech Cluster

An ocean tech cluster, with strong industrial leadership, but limited experience with venture and early stage funding was looking to develop an international capital strategy.

Building on their current strenghts, and looking to improve in their historical weaknesses, the ocean tech cluster outlined a capital strategy well suited to their ambitions and capabilities.

How to Use it

Stick It to the Wall (or Table)

Print the strategy tool in a suitable size, or buy yours from

Stick it to the wall or place it on a sufficiently large table.

We recommend working on big formats, above 115 cm or more


Walk Through the 10 Blocks

Start on Purpose, and work through the ten building blocks.

Following Purpose, you can jump anywhere and go back and forth as the canvas fills up.

Ideally, you have a larger capital team, management team or Board of Directors as part of the working group.  Make sure to maximize different views and inputs.

Expect 90 – 120 minutes to fully cover all ten blocks.


Design the Plan

Once you have a fully developed canvas (they tend to get very, very messy with large groups), write it up, focus on the key aspects and design the capital strategy masterplan.

Done correctly, you now have the outline for a ten year plan, with targets, roles and action steps.

Great job!

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