Supercluster: Intro

Supercluster Into is used in the very first cluster conversations. Provides an understanding of clusters beyond the Triple Helix theory. Gives a high-level introduction to the five building blocks of any supercluster strategy.

3 Outcomes
from Using
Supercluster: Intro

Introduction to modern cluster thinking

Around the world there are about 7000 clusters. Most of these are built around the traditional Triple Helix thinking. Use the Intro to give people a snapshot introduction to a new, modern thinking on Innovation Superclusters.

Basic overview of the Five-Point, or Pentagon model

The Supercluster: Intro is based on original research from MIT, and evolved further with research from Harvard and BI Norwegian Business School. While the research is both solid and exciting, we also accept that most people will never read it. The Supercluster: Intro aims for simplicity, reach and quick understanding. People quickly get an introduction to and an overview of the Five-Point Model, and that matters.

Get started on the early Supercluster development

For most, the key outcome is simply to get started. Use the Supercluster: Intro in any early stage effort to get started on your Supercluster initiative. Understand how all five stakeholders are critical to your future cluster success.  Once you have the basics, you can upgrade to Supercluster: Launch or Supercluster Strategy Map as the natural next steps.


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World Map

A refreshing approach to cluster development.

Project Manager
Emerging Innovation Cluster

Use Case: Swiss Innovation Superclusters

During 2018, we worked intimately with the Swiss ecosystem to explore the potential for a new generation of Swiss Innovation Superclusters. Meeting with 100’s of people across finance, family offices, local government, startups, corporates, media and economic development, we needed one simple, easy-to-grasp visual that allowed us to introduce the core concepts of an Innovation Supercluster quickly and easily.

The Supercluster: Intro was the perfect tool for the job.

Over a few months, the Supercluster: Intro helped 100’s of people, with zero experience in cluster design or cluster development, quickly understand – at a high-level- what a Supercluster was and why it would matter to Switzerland. The Supercluster: Intro played a significant part in shaping successful engagements, workshops and 1:1 meetings across the swiss ecosystem.

How to Use it

Memorize It, Simply

Contrary to most other Strategy Tools, Supercluster: intro is really an early introduction tool.
With a five-item structure and matching three questions, it is easy to memorize and embed into conversations. Try it out.


Print It, Keep It Handy

Once step up, to improve the interaction with people just being introduced to the concept of Innovation Supercluster for the first time, print it and keep it with you at all times. We would frequently carry 20 – 30 A4 copies in our bag, use it to better visually explain what we were aiming to achieve, then let people keep the A4 printed version of the tool, now full of notes and sketches from our conversations.

Introduce Early and Often

In larger sessions, workshops and ecosystem engagements, it makes sense to introduce the five items and the Intro tool early and then repeat it often.  To most, this is entirely new. Allow people time to digest and understand. Once the ambitions, potential and implications sink in, we find, most people are eager to help get such a project of the ground.



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