Supercluster Pre-Assessment Card

The Supercluster Pre-Assessment Card helps you quickly ask and answer the key question you need to have in the very early pre-Supercluster phase. While the questions are easy, the answers might be harder. Consider that part of the challenge.

3 Outcomes
from Using
Supercluster Pre-Assessment Card

Clarify expectations amongst a wide range of stakeholders

Use the card to introduce the notion of an Innovation Supercluster. Align expectations and ambitions from all key stakeholders.

Align goals and aspirations before getting started

Set goals. Discuss the 2050 vision. Discuss the problem statement. Do the work – together.

Lay the groundwork for your Innovation Supercluster

Design the first iteration of your Supercluster. Set goals. Define ownership. Clarify funding (always tricky)

Use Case: Country in Asia

The following fictitious case shows how you can clarify the problem statement, economic context, aspirations, goals and designs early.

How to Use it

Stick it to the Wall

The Supercluster Pre-Assessment Card travels in big sizes. We recommend printing it in large formats; A0 or 130 cm is a good size for group sessions.
Place on tables or stick it to the wall.

Plan 3-6 people per tool. You can run many groups in parallel.


Involve Wide Stakeholders

This conversation is wide and long-term. It requires diverse stakeholders and participants. Try to get politicians, investors, national transformation leaders and super angels involved in the discussion.


Engage Outside

This discussion does not end after a single workshop. Try taking the discussion out of the room. Bring in more voices. Involve new perspective. The Supercluster Pre-Assessment Card is a gateway to important nation-building conversations. Activate, engage and enjoy.


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