Supercluster Strategy Intro

Create a cluster strategy in a single, easy-to-understand framework to foster understanding and alignment around your supercluster strategy.

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Supercluster Strategy Intro


Superclusters are complex structures with a massive amount of members, stakeholders and partners. When developing a new Supercluster strategy, make sure to focus on the Why, Mission and  Ambitions.



A strategy is nothing without execution. What better drives execution then metrics? Clearly define for each Focus Area, in years 1, 3 and 5. Test these with the Board and key members.  


Use the Supercluster Strategy Intro to develop deep understanding and alignment within your team. Involve the leadership team, Board, Advisory Board, staff and innovation groups in the process. Use this to define a clear road map, clear targets and deep alignment.


Start Date:  4 November, 2019

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Develop your strategic cluster leadership skills in our 6 week online program. Connect and collaborate with fellow cluster leaders.

World Map

Clearly helps us understand where we are going.

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Innovation Cluster

Use Case

With three types of clusters, most start out as EC, or Emerging Clusters. Few can rightfully claim to be born an Innovation Supercluster. Working with an Emerging Cluster with huge aspirations, we introduced The Supercluster Strategy Intro. Suddenly challenged to define their long-term ambitions, then required to define five focus areas, with matching targets for years 1, 3 and 5, the leadership team struggled to collectively think big enough.

It took the larger part of a two-day strategy workshop to crack the code and actually being able to define a five-year Innovation Supercluster strategy. Using the Supercluster Strategy Intro, the team suddenly got a one-page visual framework to help chart out the journey they had set out on.

How to Use it

Stick it to the Wall

The Supercluster Strategy Intro is perfectly suited for a large-scale print format. We recommend 100 cm to 120 cm for larger groups. Can also be ordered from our friends at
Stick it to the wall. Make sure to work in a format where everyone is involved and activated.


Designed Around a Larger Workshop

This tool opens discussions. It is perfectly used within a larger cluster strategy workshop (ours are usually two days, to allow a solid deep dive into the key topics).


Use Stattys, Iterate, Iterate Again

Make sure to work on Stattys. Expect multiple rewrites and reworks, as you keep evolving the strategic thinking over the two days. Make sure to build a balanced strategy, to include all Supercluster stakeholders and members.


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