Supercluster Structure 2.0

The Supercluster Structure 2.0 is a visual organization chart for young or aspiring Innovation Superclusters.

Use it with your board to create a visual overview around your growing cluster. Should you have a small or a large team? Should you be developing Innovation Groups? Who should lead them?

We often recommend using this as a part of a larger cluster strategy process.

It works well together with the Supercluster Strategy Map or Cluster Leadership Map.

3 Outcomes
from Using
the Supercluster Structure 2.0

Build the organization you actually need

Most people are new to Superclusters.  They have different understanding, sometimes very different understanding of how a Supercluster actually works. Few have ever built, staffed and led a Supercluster before. Use the Supercluster Structure 2.0 to build the organization you want and need – together.

Move from strategy to execution

Supercluster strategy is easy. Execution is very hard. Use this tool to shift from strategy to execution. Who does what by when? Do we have the people we need? What are the roles to be filled? Should we focus on R&D manager or Business Developer in Asia? Many Innovation Working Groups or just a small core team?

Bridge and align very different stakeholders

Superclusters are made up of diverse stakeholders with different agendas. .That lies in the very nature of innovation clusters.
Use the tool to create better strategic conversations on priorities, focus and staffing of the Supercluster.


Start Date:  4 November, 2019

Global Cluster Leadership Program

Develop your strategic cluster leadership skills in our 6 week online program. Connect and collaborate with fellow cluster leaders.

World Map

Snapshot: How to Use It

The tools allows you to discuss, design and build the Supercluster organization. We suggest there are 13 different  roles that Superclusters can fill.  The mini-case below shows a Latin American Supercluster, with nine board members. CEO is Carmen, with five full-time staff. The strategy is geared toward business development, startups and investor capital; a much needed combination in many cluster environments.

How to Use It

Stick it on the Wall - or on Group Tables

The Supercluster Structure 2.0 is ideally addressed in groups, board or strategy sessions.  Print it in large format, s 110 cm or bigger is good.
We have also run sessions with this just projected onto the projector screen. This also works well.

Write on Stattys

With this tool we strongly recommend writing on Stattys. Use moving Stattys with names, roles and positions to move around and discuss different organizational designs.

Find Time for Discussions

This can be a big task for many innovation clusters, particularly with new members and large boards. Working with an aspiring energy Supercluster, we spent the better parts of three hours on this tool alone. Make sure you have time time you need.

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