The Innovation Pyramid

Our most popular ideation tool used by teams to create a shared understanding and language around innovation. The Innovation Pyramid is a great brainstorming tool which can be used alone or in teams.

3 Outcomes
from Using
The Innovation Pyramid

Shared understanding of innovation

Use the Innovation Pyramid to create a shared understanding of innovation.
Work across your team, your business unit or the entire company.

Innovate across all nine levels of innovation

From marketing, products and services, down to management, business models and industry; use the Innovation Pyramid to innovate across all nine levels of innovation.

Brainstorm, strategically

Use the Innovation Pyramid to explore new, high-potential areas. Bring it into any innovation workshop. Get everyone on the same page. Work visually to brainstorm, strategically across all nine levels.

Break your brain around your business model. Product innovation is just a seed.

Pietro Caputo

Breakthrough Innovation Manager
RB, Italy

Use Case: Global Pharmaceuticals

100’s of companies have used the Innovation Pyramid as a core tool in their innovation efforts. Often, it is used in the early days of brainstorming, discussing and exploring new ideas, no matter how big or crazy.
Global pharma company Biotage developed a new growth strategy, the 1BN Company.

The goal: grow revenue from 650 million to 1 billion. In a 3 day strategy kick off in Spain, the Innovation Pyramid was used as the opening tool, to get the whole company on the same page, get them a shared language for innovation and help them expand their thinking on innovation.

Most importantly, the session put R&D, sales, marketing, production and management on the same page, allowing them to share, ideate and discuss potential growth areas to reach the 1BN strategy.

How to Use it

Note: the Innovation Pyramid is available in two designs; with introduction and with questions. We recommend using the introduction version for first time presentations and questions in printed formats for actually working on.

Print in Large Formats

We recommend using the Innovation Pyramid in large scale formats, easily 120 cm and above. We would print the design with questions. Place it on the table or stick it to the walls.


Use Stattys (Text & Visuals)

Once introduced, use Stattys. Have people combine text with basic visuals. A good Innovation Pyramid session will often have 100’s of new ideas on it. Make sure you capture this in a format that is easy to read, understand and easy to transfer.


Onto the Next Strategy Tools

After completing the Innovation Pyramid, most groups use this information as they transfer it onto the next set of Strategy Tools. The Strategic Innovation Canvas, Three Levels of Business Models or Action Roadmap are most commonly used. Move from ideation to action or deep dive into innovation portfolios and building a larger innovation strategy. The choice is yours.



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