The Long-Term Funding Roadmap

As its name suggests, the Long-Term Funding Roadmap helps you develop a long-term capital strategy for your startup. It’ll walk you through the different categories of investors and help you identify ways in which you can secure long-term growth capital.

3 Outcomes
from Using
the Long-Term Funding Roadmap

Understand funding strategy

For many founders, funding and funding strategy is a black box. Unless you have
done it yourself or you have really experienced mentors, it is hard to get a grasp of it all.
In working with the tool, you should be able to get a deeper understanding of how funding works –  whether you bootstrap or
raise outside capital. Then what you choose to do is totally up to you.

Think more strategically about funding

The Long-Term Funding Roadmap pushes you to think about investors from all angles, it helps you figure out how to build a funding strategy and how to think about your long-term value development.

Build a winning, long-term funding roadmap

The Long-Term Funding Roadmap helps you and your team plan ahead for future rounds that are to come. You will be led through all the different forms of funding your startup can test out and land on a balanced, yet well-developed funding strategy.

Impressive. Allows us to build a serious and professional funding strategy.

Startup CEO

Use Case: Pebble

Smartwatch maker Pebble was a poster child for using Kickstarter during 2012-2016. Coming out of prestigious accelerator program, Y Combinator, the firm raised $375.000 from some of the best known early stage investors in the Valley. By combining crowdfunding (pre-sales) and VC funding, the company was able to find $50M+ of working capital, but regretfully not able to find a working business model, and shut down in December 2016.

How to Use it

Stick it on the walls

The Long-Term Funding Roadmap is an excellent tool in a 1:1 session; and even better for the team, board, stakeholders and early investors.
We recommend sticking the Roadmap on the wall in your office, ideally in a big format like 150 x 110cm or bigger.

Write on Stattys

Have your team write on Stattys. Get contacts, suggestions, and names. Stick them to the Roadmap. Move things around. Evolve. Do your research. Build a long-term meaningful funding plan for your venture.

Get to Work

You have the Funding Roadmap. Now get to work. Start by building relationships. Cold-calling won’t work. Use your network. Ask for introductions, ask for recommendations. Maintain close dialogue with your early, existing investors. They have the potential to help secure your next set of future investors.

Hint: invite your early investors to contribute intoyour Long-Term Funding Roadmap. It’s a win-win.

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