Transformation Architecture

The Transformation Architecture helps your company build the right architecture for transformation. “It’s not about ideas”, says Professor Rita McGrath. Instead, it is all about having the right architecture, the right HOW in place for your large-scale transformation.

3 Outcomes from Using Transformation Architecture

It's not about ideas, It's having the right architecture

Upon using the Transformation Architecture, your firm will come to understand that innovation and large scale transformation is not about great ideas. It is really about build a large scale architecture and a system.

Assess your transformation capabilities

Use the Transformation Assessment (step #2) to assess your current transformation capabilities.
This gives you a quick snapshot of where you are on the Magic Formula.
The Transformation Assessment is also available as a stand alone tool.

Build a successful Transformation Strategy

Use the Magic Formula M+S+M to develop your strategy. 

Mandate – do you have a clear and strong mandate in place from the Board?

Structure – do you have the capabilities, roles, people and training to carry it out?

Money – do you have sufficient funding, both for internal development and external investments and acquisitions?

Use this magic formula, M+S+M to get the right pieces in place.

Allows us to design a true transformation strategy.


Strategy Summit: Meet the Transformers

Use Case: Asian Utility Company

An Asian utility company used the Transformation Architecture to assess their corporate readiness for the coming transformation of the energy arena. The findings; a massive gap between the strategy office’s expectations and feedback from the line businesses. This caused a major rethink of the corporate transformation strategy.

Who is it For?

Consultants, Advisors, Facilitators

Transformation Architecture is frequently used by consultants, facilitators, internal transformation teams and business advisors. You might be a one-man-consulting company, Partner in a leading consulting firm, internal facilitator or trainer.  

You are likely to use Transformation Architecture with your client at the top level, working with the Board of Directors, CEO, Top Management or internal strategy team.


Corporate Strategy Staff

You are EVP, Strategy & Business Development, in charge of overall strategy process. You face a coming transformation and fear your firm might not be up for the challenge.

You might run global strategy teams, business development teams, strategic foresight, innovation projects, but you understand the challenges of a successful transformation is far bigger than just another innovation program.

You are likely to use Transformation Architecture internally, with your own team or across the entire organization.


Top Management & Boards

As CEO, Chairman or top management at the firm, you understand the roles and responsibilities of top management. Seeing rising industry shifts, you understand that a long-term transformation is unavoidable.

You are likely to use Transformation Architecture with your management team, multiple times over several meetings. You need to create a deeper understanding that innovation is not (just) about ideas, but it is truly a process that can be designed and shaped by giving a Mandate + develop a Structure + allocate funding.



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