Transformation Assessment

The Transformation Assessment is a quick and easy transformation survey that gives a direct intro to the Magic Formula of Money, Structure, and Mandate (M+S+M).

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Transformation Assessment

Quick overview

Use the six-item survey to quickly establish your transformation readiness.


M + S + M

Get an introduction to the Magic Formula of Mandate + Structure + Money

Upgrade as you go

Once you have been fully introduced to the Transformation Assessment, it is time to take the dive into the larger topic of Transformation Architecture.

Really helped us see where we stood.

Strategy Manager

Energy Company

Use Case: Executive Education

Teaching an executive education program on strategy & growth, the Transformation Assessment was used as one of the introduction level tools. Participants were asked to complete the six item-survey based on their current company’s transformation readiness levels.

The results were shockingly low, leading many of the participants to realize that their companies were nowhere near the level where they should have been.
This early realization led the executive program to have a far higher urgency than any previously similar programs.

How to Use it

Print it Out

Print it out in A4 or A5 formats.
Can also be shown on a screen.


Fill it Out

Have the participants complete it on paper.
Use any piece of paper for survey if you are showing this in a presentation.


Calculate & Discuss

Once the data is in, calculate and discuss your transformation readiness level.
Most likely, if you are like most companies just getting introduced to the Assessment tool, you will want to quickly launch initiatives to improve your self-assessment.


Want to take the next step? We recommend you check out the Transformation Architecture.


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