Your Funding Plan

Your Funding Plan is a great companion to the Long-Term Funding Roadmap as it helps break it down into a short-term action funding plan. It helps you close your funding round faster and smarter, as well as segment your (many) investor prospects.

3 Outcomes
from Using
Your Funding Plan

Secure your investor funding

Startup financing is always about creating a match between an investor’s strategy and your funding case.

Use Your Funding Plan to increase your chances of finding the right investors and more easily secure your funding round. This tools helps you focus exclusively on your current, on-going funding round.

Zoom in on the investors that matter to you

Don’t run around meeting hundreds of potential investors. Scout, Map, Segment and Organize your investor leads. Zoom in and work only with the investor prospects that matter to you.

Work strategically on your investor development

Once you have narrowed them down, say from 300 to 20, start working strategically on them, case by case. Do your research. Learn their investment strategies. Map their portfolio, tailor your slides to their strategy. Use your network to get introduced.

The Funding Plan helped us secure our last funding round.


Seafood Startup

Use Case: Norwegian Seafood Startup

Norwegian Seafood Startup JT was just getting started on their serious fund-raising efforts. The various investor prospects they had were scattered all over e-mail accounts, LinkedIn, business cards, SMS, Skype, personal relations and a few undefined previous contacts; in short, it was a mess.

Working on the Funding Plan, the team quickly realized they had to bring structure into the process. After a brief introduction to the tool, the founding team spent the next 90 minutes gathering all their various investor contacts, structuring them into the Funding Plan and identifying the gaps in their emergent funding plan.

Once the baseline was in place, the team could move into more specific segmenting, mapping the prospects they already had, using the Funding Plan. In minutes, the work revealed that the team was far behind hitting their fundraising target on their original timeline. This kicked off a highly energetic sprint, where the team dug into securing new investor prospects, mapping them into the Funding Plan and follow up with them in the coming weeks.

A few months later, JT secured its minimum investment target, using the Funding Plan as one of its core investor tools.

How to Use it

Stick it to the Wall

First time users want to print and stick it to the wall. Introduce the tool and structure to your team.  Complete the introduction information on top, notably on ease of funding and weeks until close. Organize your key investor prospects, start filling in, sorting and segmenting your leads.


Connect with Other Tools

Your Funding Plan is a close relative of The Long-Term Funding Roadmap and the Investor Map. We recommend you learn how to use all three. This will allow you to always find the right tool at the right time for you investor development.


From Paper to Software

Intermediate and expert users will prefer using the digital version, available in the App (summer 2019).
The app allows you to invite your team, collaborate in real-time and work digitally.
Stay tuned – and good luck with your current and future fundraising.


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