Boosting Bahrain’s
Startup Ecosystem:
Falak Innovation
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How can the Bahrainian startup ecosystem successfully grow and develop? How can we develop more scaleable startups? 

Strategy Tools and Falak Innovation recently collaborated to conduct Bahrain’s first-ever Scale Up Masterclass, supported by the government agency Tamkeen.

The masterclass was a remarkable success, marking a significant milestone in Bahrain’s entrepreneurial landscape. The partnership brought together innovative methodologies and local expertise to provide an in-depth learning experience for Bahrain’s startup ecosystem.

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About Falak Innovation

Falak Innovation is a values-based, purpose-driven strategy and innovation consultancy.

Founded by Suhail Algosaibi, Falak Innovation focuses on three core areas: innovation, strategy, and execution. Falak Innovation is committed to building stronger economies and happier societies by unlocking business and human potential.

Suhail Algosaibi is also a certified Strategy Tools Master Trainer from the 2022 cohort.


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About Tamkeen

Tamkeen, established in 2006, is a key driver in Bahrain’s economic development, aiming to support the Kingdom’s private sector growth.

It focuses on providing financial assistance, skill development, and advisory services to Bahraini enterprises and individuals. Tamkeen’s initiatives span various industries, fostering innovation and entrepreneurship to enhance the competitiveness of Bahrain’s economy.

Through strategic partnerships and programs, Tamkeen strives to empower Bahrainis with the necessary tools and resources to succeed in a dynamic market, thereby contributing to the sustainable economic progress of the nation.


Bahrain’s startup ecosystem is rapidly evolving, driven by a combination of governmental support, strategic location, and a growing community of entrepreneurs.

The government of Bahrain has made significant strides in creating a business-friendly environment through initiatives such as the Bahrain Economic Vision 2030, which emphasizes diversification from oil and gas into other sectors, including technology and finance.


Suhail Algosaibi (left) & Christian Rangen (middle) exploring the Bahrain startup ecosystem with H.E. Mr. Abdulla bin Adel Fakhro (right), the Minister of Industry and Commerce

Bahrain’s startup ecosystem is rapidly evolving, driven by a combination of governmental support, strategic location, and a growing community of entrepreneurs.

The government of Bahrain has made significant strides in creating a business-friendly environment through initiatives such as the Bahrain Economic Vision 2030, which emphasizes diversification from oil and gas into other sectors, including technology and finance .

As part of the Labour Fund (Tamkeen’s) ongoing efforts to develop the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Bahrain, Tamkeen has partnered with Falak Consulting to launch the Scale Up! Masterclass. The goal was to empower emerging Bahraini enterprises with strategic business development skills.

With this in mind, we partnered with Strategy Tools Master Trainer and Falak Innovation founder Suhail Algosaibi to develop a 3-day Scale Up Masterclass designed to enhance the capabilities of Bahraini startups, helping them grow, attract investors, and develop exit strategies.

“Awesome, really enjoyed the masterclass. All founders should go through this masterclass before getting into the startup journey to understand the know-hows,”


Scale Up Masterclass Bahrain April 2024

Experience the Founder’s Journey in Three Days

The Masterclass was designed to take founders through the “Founder’s Journey”, a 3-day experience from idea to successful exit.

Participants navigated through critical stages such as market need analysis, problem-solution alignment, product-market fit, and business model optimization. They also experienced raising up to 12 rounds of financing, from pre-seed to Series K, while effectively managing team dynamics, revenue growth, and competitive pressures.

When co-designing the masterclass together with Suhail Algosaibi from Falak Innovation, we focused on three key objectives: 

Educational Depth:

The masterclass aimed to provide an in-depth understanding of the funding process, including cap tables, dilution, and investor terms.

Practical Application:

Through simulations and interactive sessions, participants could apply their learning in real-world scenarios.

Networking and Collaboration:

The event facilitated networking among Bahrain’s entrepreneurs, fostering a collaborative environment for future business growth.

The masterclass was led by Suhail Algosaibi from Falak Innovation, supported by Christian Rangen from Strategy Tools.

Centered around the Scale Up! Simulation, the masterclass immersed participants in the complete founder’s journey from idea to exit.

They worked on company pitches, explored company valuation methods, built deal syndicates and tackled advanced cap tables.

Teams used specially designed visual canvases to grasp complex concepts quickly, creating an electrifying atmosphere as they competed to deliver the best exit routes.

“We really need more workshops like these which really enrich our knowledge and scale up our mentality, way of work for our startup projects,” commented a participant in an anonymous feedback from after the masterclass.

“This masterclass exceeded all our expectations, the level of expertise and hands-on approach brought by Strategy Tools and Chris was exceptional,”

Suhail Algosaibi

CEO of Falak Innovation


Learning & Impact

Participants gained valuable insights into the intricacies of fundraising, including practical tools and strategies for engaging with investors. The hands-on approach, including simulations and group presentations, allowed participants to internalize complex concepts effectively.


Participant Engagement & Feedback

The masterclass attracted a diverse group of participants, including experienced entrepreneurs, tech startup founders, traditional business owners, and novices eager to learn. Despite varied backgrounds and some language barriers, all participants stayed engaged throughout the three-day event. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with participants rating the masterclass an average of 9.8 out of 10.


Effective Partnership

Working with Strategy Tools was a seamless and productive experience for Falak Innovation.

“The collaboration between Strategy Tools and Falak Innovation has been instrumental in making this event a success,” said Suhail in a recent interview.

Tamkeen, the labour fund of Bahrain and the event’s sponsor, was also highly impressed with the masterclass. Representatives who attended praised the innovative approach and the significant impact on participants. The high participant ratings and detailed feedback reports provided to Tamkeen underscored the masterclass’ success.

Given the success of this initial masterclass, there are plans to continue this collaboration. Both ST and Falak Innovation see great potential in expanding the program, possibly including participants from outside Bahrain in future iterations.

“We look forward to continuing this partnership to further empower entprepreneurs in our region.”

Suhail Algosaibi
CEO of Falak innovation

Bring Scale Up! Masterclass to Your City

Are you passionate about fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in your community? Join us in making a significant impact by bringing the acclaimed Scale Up Masterclass to your city! Our recent success in Bahrain has demonstrated the difference this masterclass can make for local entrepreneurs.

Why Partner with Us?

Proven Success

Our masterclass in Bahrain received an average rating of 9.8 out of 10 from participants, highlighting the effectiveness and value of the program. We’ve also run our simulations with top accelerator programs, universities, innovation agencies, corporations and more across the globe. Check out our case studies here.

Comprehensive, Hands-On Learning

Through the Scale Up! Simulation, participants gain in-depth insights into fundraising, cap tables, dilution, and investor terms and more. Participants often take these actionable strategies and insights straight into their own startup journeys.

Community Impact

Enhance your local startup ecosystem by providing entrepreneurs with the tools and knowledge they need to scale their businesses successfully.

Expert Facilitation

Our expert facilitators come armed with a wealth of experience from the startup world – they have worked in startups, with startups and understand the ins- and outs of making it in the ecosystem.