How Enrico Maset Used Strategy Tools to Uncover an Entirely New Business Area for His Company

The Challenge

After nearly a decade at Orange Belgium, focusing on IT Performance, Enrico Maset decided to branch out into consulting to be able to make a larger impact with more than one company at a time.

In 2020, he joined SteepConsult, a boutique consulting firm in Belgium which was part of Positive Thinking Company, a larger international ecosystem with over 2,500 consultants across the globe. 

When he joined in May 2020, SteepConsult was in the midst of shifting their positioning from IT consulting to Management Consulting – his role? To assist them in making a successful leap into the new territory.

At that point, he needed to help the company decide on a strategy to move ahead, in a clear, structured manner – diving deep into the different implications of their change in positioning. The current traditional management tools were great, but hardly sufficient in helping them charge ahead. 


The Solution

Being a continuous learner, Enrico Maset is constantly on the hunt for what’s going on in the business world. What management tools consulting firms are currently using, what traditional models they rely on. By chance, he stumbled upon the Strategy Tools website.

“Strategy Tools has a different approach to strategy compared to traditional consulting. It was extremely accessible and democratizes strategy. The tools really help you showcase your expertise – like the Industry Shifts Map. They’re all really simple, but the value you get out of working on them is tremendous.

After interviewing people on the Strategy Tools Hub about their experience with Strategy Tools, Enrico decided to take the leap and joined the Strategy Tools Global Coaches program in March 2020. He also took on the Building the Transformational Company program in April 2020. 

These two programs equipped him with the know-how and tools he needed to spearhead the new strategic direction at SteepConsult when he joined the team. 


Much Faster Time to Market

Together with his new team at SteepConsult, Enrico worked on the company strategy and self-coaching using the new tools he acquired from the Strategy Tools Global Coaches and Building the Transformational Company programs. 

“The tools made me more comfortable to go deep on the implications of changing our positioning. We worked on strategy tools like the Strategy Intro, the Three Levels of Business Models, and the Industry Shifts Map, self-coaching strategy within our own company” said Enrico. 

“In just two months, we had defined our positioning. Thanks to the tools, It took us just two months to build the offering and the new practice – which we now call Strategic Foresight.”

“That’s a really fast time to market. We did a soft launch in mid-December 2020, and have launched the entire new practice end of February 2021,” he added.


Better Collaboration with Clients

Enrico and his team uses Strategy Tools as well as some in-house developed tools when prospecting clients. 

“You can use Strategy Tools even with people who are not really dealing with strategy on a daily basis – everyone can quickly align onto the concept. That’s how powerful the tools are.” explained Enrico.

Visual support of the discussion is a clear differentiator. My client prospects are usually more eager to know more even after just the first meeting.

The team also co-designs projects with clients, something they never used to do before.

“We got this idea from our work with Strategy Tools to co-design with clients. Traditionally, consulting companies have the same solutions offered to all clients, while we now tailor solutions together with our clients for maximum impact,” said Enrico.


A Global Community of Strategists

“Learning drives me. There’s a lot to learn from the Strategy Tools community, and it’s also a great avenue to share my experience which can help others. I really like that there’s this exchange in this global community with different points of view, experiences and clients – I’m learning a lot. It helps that everyone has an open agenda and everyone is friendly. It’s about helping each other.” 



A New Way of Working with Strategy

“Before I learned about Strategy Tools, strategy to me was only about analysis. But I also liked foresight and future study. Strategy Tools opened up my vision around strategy and helped me bring forward my energy to be a more well-rounded consultant.” said Enrico.

As a certified Digital Transform! Simulation Facilitator, Enrico is also equipped with a new way to work with clients on transformation strategy. 

“It’s a great way to encourage systemic thinking about transformation, helping people connect the dots through all the different moving parts. The Transform! simulation really brings you tough decisions regardless of your experience level. You learn a lot even if you didn’t feel like you were there to learn.” 

“The Transform! Sim is highly flexible, you can tweak it to create specific scenarios that your clients can identify with, and there are multiple ways you can drive discussion throughout the simulation.” he added.


“Strategy Tools has been extremely valuable both internally and with clients. Clients love how we can move to action right from the first encounter.”

Enrico Maset
Strategic Foresight Lead, SteepConsult

Enrico Maset has a 10+ years experience on Performance, Efficiency and Transformation; he worked in Italy, Ireland and Belgium for multiple industries: Manufacturing, Banking & Insurance, Gaming, Energy and Telecommunication.
He recently moved from Internal to Consultancy where he is helping CSOs develop flows of sustainable growth.
He does that with a mix of foresight, strategy and innovation at SteepConsult, part of the Positive Thinking Company.

Learn more about SteepConsult here.

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