How Jessica Low is Integrating Strategy Tools with Lego Serious Play for Organizational Transformation

Meet Jessica Low

Jessica Low is seasoned facilitator with a decade of expertise in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method, specializing in business development, sales, and customer service across diverse industries. Over the past 10 years, she has traversed the corners of Southeast Asia, facilitating workshops on alignment, change management, creativity, and strategic thinking for managers to senior management.

Driven by a desire for change and to elevate her organizational development expertise, Jessica joined the Strategy Tools Master Trainer (STMT) program. She was on the lookout for methodologies that would complement the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method, and Strategy Tools solutions emerged as the perfect fit.

The Strategy Tools toolkit of canvases and simulations offered a unique opportunity to develop a holistic learning solution that synergized both methods for maximum impact.

Strategy Tools Master Trainer 2023

During the spring of 2023, Jessica participated in an immersive week at the Strategy Tools Master Trainer program in Stavanger, Norway, alongside a diverse group of 10 individuals from around the world.

Over five intensive days, led by Strategy Tools founder Christian Rangen, the Master Trainers delved into the extensive Strategy Tools portfolio. Engaging in three strategy simulations, they collaboratively tackled strategic cases, drawing upon the wealth of experience shared among the participants.

“I had multiple takeaways from the program, but perhaps the most relevant for my line of work is the importance of creating a standardized language within an organization through the use of frameworks, recognizing the challenges of transformation, and the need for bold and persistent influence to garner stakeholder buy-in. Organizations also need to embrace the notion that transformation and innovation should be ingrained in its culture, constituting continuous improvement rather than short-term projects,” said Jessica in an interview earlier this month.


Jessica Low recently ran a successful Transform! Introductory workshop with her telco client in Jakarta


Opening New Avenues for Business

“My focus at this stage is still in the Jakarta (Indonesia) market. In the 6 months following the certification, we’ve been able to revisit old clients and open new doors. Monthly trips to Indonesia have replaced the previous quarterly visits, resulting in revisited partnerships and the exploration of new projects and opportunities,” revealed Jessica.


Significant Shift in Business Focus

Jessica applied the insights gleaned from the STMT program by understanding customer pain points and tailoring solutions to enable impactful conversations among participants. This approach led to a significant shift in their business focus, with a notable increase in workshop engagements in the Jakarta market.


Access to a Global Community of Strategy Experts

Despite geographical challenges, Jessica found the ST community to be friendly and collaborative. Future collaborations were initiated, showcasing the potential for a global network of Master Trainers supporting each other.


Jessica Low holds a dual degree and a Master’s in Business. In 2013, she made the bold decision to transition from the corporate world, where she had accumulated experience across diverse industries such as electrical, publishing, and tertiary education, to embark on her entrepreneurial journey in training and consultancy.

Throughout her career, Jessica has been a driving force in change management, recognizing the paramount importance of learning in the dynamic business environment. Her passion led her to become a Certified Facilitator in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method in 2013, a pivotal decision that has shaped her trajectory ever since. This innovative approach has proven instrumental in facilitating challenging conversations and fostering alignment within teams and businesses.

Furthermore, as a Strategy Tools Master Trainer, Jessica has expanded her repertoire, offering enhanced learning solutions. Her expertise goes beyond stimulating participants’ intellectual curiosity, extending to providing a systematic approach for effective strategizing in the ever-evolving business landscape. Jessica’s commitment to excellence and her dedication to fostering a culture of continuous learning make her a valuable asset to the business community.

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