How Tech Accelerator TINC Prepared Their Startups for Successful Fundraising

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The Client

TINC is a tech incubator based in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The intense 4-week program focus on business model, product market fit and raising funding.

Uniquely, the Tech Incubator takes no equity from the participating companies.

TINC is funded and run by the Nordic Governments, and located in the Nordic Innovation House in Palo Alto.


The Challenge

How can TINC better prepare their startups for successful fund raising?

Many startups are flying in from the Nordics, hoping to land venture funding in the Valley.

Yet, many of them are lacking the fundamental knowledge and relevant experience in fundraising, causing them to often fall short of their funding aspirations in the program.

The Solution

  • The Strategy Tools team runs a one full-day Scale Up! simulation and mentoring session during the 4-week TINC program
  • Teams get introduced to the tools and software
  • Active coaching and mentoring on scale up and capital strategies


Looking Ahead

  • Strategy Tools will run one session for every TINC cohort
  • The collaboration is expanding to all Nordic Innovation Houses; New York, Singapore, Hong Kong
  • Entry project to develop a pan-Nordic collaboration



Increased investor funding capabilities

Significantly higher investor readiness

Higher impact of the TINC program

“This was such a valuable training exercise…should be obligatory in every program. The learning is typically in more detailed handling of investor offers, cap table, term sheets…”

Gro Eirin Dyrnes
Head of Innovation Norway Americas
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TINC is an intensive 4-week accelerator program to validate your product/market and business model fit and global scale potential in the most competitive startup environment in the world. Learn more about TINC and apply here.

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