The Transformational Company Index (TCI)

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How can you deal with disruption, industry shifts and the rise of new digital competitors? A rapidly changing strategy landscape requires a new strategy playbook. Companies need to build deep transformational capabilities and a new approach to strategy. The Transformational Company Index is a data-driven analysis that allows you to launch targeted development programs and projects to succeed with your transformation.

3 Outcomes from Using the Transformational Company Index


Use the TC Index to get first level insights into your own company. Map and assess your current Transformation Gap and TC Index. For the first time, gain real insights into your company’s ability to transform.

Actionable Intelligence

Our data-driven analysis provide genuine, actionable intelligence. Get the report, learn how to you score on each of the ten principles of Transformation. Get clear recommendations for action.


Shift from knowing to doing. The TC Index is designed to enable your successful transformation. Launch highly targeted programs, digital transformation projects and executive development programs.

A Powerful Management Tool



Actionable Intelligence

Get the report and see how your company score on each of the ten principles of Transformation.

Build a wide data set for your entire organization, measure development over time.

Clear Recommendations

Data-driven analysis enables clear recommendations based on best practices.

Use data to drive your strategic thinking. Launch highly targeted development programs.

 A Long-Term Solution for Building the Transformational Company


Map your entire organization on its ability to transform for the future. Get a data-driven analysis. Track and measure your TCI quarterly to asses your development.


Choose from our 1-day Executive Sessions, 2-day Masterclasses, 5-day Train-the-Trainers Programs. Design a long-term development project to transform. Connect data with transformational change.


Enable long-term strategic transformation. Build deep transformation capabilities. Drive long-term value creation based on a new strategic value creation paradigm

Use Data to Drive Executive Development



How It Works

Contact Us

Contact your local Strategy Tools representative, or complete the form below. Let’s understand how the TCI is the right solution to you. Assemble the project team.

Project Design

Clarify project scope and ambition. Align stakeholders. Develop goals, timeline, key milestones, deliverables, and project leadership.

Project Delivery

Project delivery; 3 months – 36 months, depending on scope and ambitions. Train internal trainers, run data-driven analysis, deliver development programs. Build the TCI  into the long-term operating model of the company.

What You Get

Company-Wide Assessment

Data-Driven Analysis

Actionable Intelligence

Clear Recommendations


Programs & projects to develop your Transformational Company and drive the long-term development of your TCI, delivered by Strategy Tools or any of our local partners.

How We Can Work with You

100% Online

We can deliver the TC Index purely as a digital service. You can run it once, or every year, six months or quarter. Get all reports and data-driven insights straight to your inbox.

Strategy Tools Team

Our team can lead the project and development programs at your location. Extensive executive engagement and development. Long-term data-driven analysis and capability development.

Local Partners

Our 50+ certified local partners can lead the project at your locations. Our partners will lead engagement and development programs Strategy Tool will run back-end and data analysis, partners will lead the development and implementation with you.

Part of the Larger Strategy Tools Methodology

The TCI is a part of the larger Strategy Tools Platform and methodology. It is developed by Strategy Tools and international strategy & transformation expert Christian Rangen. Rangen has worked extensively on data-driven analysis and development programs for knowledge-intensive firms going back to 2002.

He has written three books on the subject, taught at international business schools and conferences and worked with financial analyst associations to develop new metrics for understanding the value creation in knowledge-intensive firms.

The TCI is based on extensive research and insights into the world’s leading transformation cases. Further, it is based on the extensive body of tools, knowledge and research embedded in the 11 year development project behind Strategy Tools.

Most importantly, the TCI is based on the perspective of development, not reporting and data-driven actionable intelligence. We fundamentally believe companies need to reinvent how they work on strategy and how they prepare for the future, and the TCI is a data-driven tool to enable this shift.


Building The Transformational Company

A CEO Handbook

A Five-Step Process

Our team has previously developed data-driven development programs for organizations in technology, finance, energy, digital, consulting, education and heavy industries. Our high-impact, long-term programs consist of five key steps.

Clear goal on desired outcomes
Strong stakeholder alignement
Data-driven analysis (done every 12, 6 or 3 months)
Multi-level engagement and development programs
Embedding into the organizational fabric

Action, not just analysis.