May 12, 2020 at 2: 11 pm

The 10 Principles of Transformation: An Infographic



Transformation is becoming more and more prevalent across industries. This trend is only expected to continue to accelerate. Even heavy-asset industries (think GE) and slower moving industries like energy and utilities are facing an unprecedented level of industry shifts and disruption.

It is very clear to us that transformation – to many viewed as a complex, painful and deeply challenging leadership task – is about to become the new normal.

When transformation becomes the new normal, companies will need an entirely new playbook on strategy and transformation.

As we kept looking into the research, interviewing transformation leaders and exploring the topic in depth, 10 principles emerged as foundational to any transformation program. Below, you will find the 10 Principles of Transformation.


10 principles of transformation

Go in-depth into the 10 Principles of Transformation and bring a framework you can implement in your work or with your clients. Join us for the next intake – starts May 25, 2020.  



Jolene Foo-Hodne is Co-Founder, VP Content & Communication at Strategy Tools.


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