Partner Profile: Tiago Grandi


Hi everyone! This is Tiago, a Brazilian lover of classical philosophy, martial arts, jazz, and huskies (see my dear Chandra working with me at my desk). I’m a strategy and leadership consultant. 

My first experience in consulting was in 1998 – a strategic planning engagement. During the first decade of the 2000s, I worked with a lot of experienced professionals, mostly in engineering and IT firms. Entering the 2010s I ran a lot of individual ventures – leadership programs, interim executive engagements, project manager roles, etc.

In 2015, after helping a company on its internationalization – expanding channels in South America and negotiating a joint venture in Canada, I decided to come back to consulting. Until last year, I dedicated myself exclusively to helping Knowledge Intensive Businesses Services to grow, working with leaders in law, architecture, engineering, software, and consulting firms. 

A move to São Paulo in 2019, the biggest city in Latin America, turned my eyes to the need of improving my brand and the value proposition of my hole practice. And then I met the Strategy Tools team.

You can reach Tiago at [email protected].


Hi Tiago, can you tell us a bit about how you are using Strategy Tools?


Today I don’t present myself to the market alone, anymore. Participating in a global team of strategists, sharing the same tools (and, moreover, the same vision, principles, ambitions), my clients gained an extra source of content and methodology.

I’ve been doing some open workshops, leadership training and consulting advice in a format that I call “Strategy Sprint”.  Since our tools are simple and visual, they put the strategist in evidence – that’s what I like most! (Nobody can hide behind spreadsheets or power points). 

The challenge to train strategists (improving perception, deepening thought, charging action) is the real exciting thing!


What do you expect to get out of the partnership long-term?


Branding – becoming a relevant brand in the strategy field.

Marketing – strengthening relations with interesting people and organizations.

Sales – developing a good pipeline of clients together.

Economic/Financial – growing my customer base.

Experience – participating in global projects.

And also, traveling for business! Even more 😉

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