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Strategy Tools offer several different training programs – both online and offline – to cater to different levels of mastery. Find one that suits your needs and upgrade your skill-set today.

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Strategy Tools Global Coaches

Building the Transformational Company

Global Cluster Leadership Program

Strategy Simulation Certification

Strategy Tools Master Trainer

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Our Online Training Programs

Strategy Tools Global Coaches

The STGC is an online certification program for anyone looking for a high-level understanding of Strategy Tools and how you can use them together with your clients or your team.

Over four-weeks, you will delve into real-world case studies, facilitation techniques and general tips on how you can apply Strategy Tools to amplify your own strategic discussions.

Building the Transformational Company

Dig significantly deeper into the tools, case studies and methodology behind Building the Transformational Company. Solve your own company’s strategy and transformation challenges. Connect with fellow strategy leaders and build your international peer network. 


  • Online platform
  • 5 weeks / 5 modules / 5 webinars
  • Personally led by author & strategy expert Christian Rangen

Global Cluster Leadership Program

The GCLP is a 5-week online learning program. With an optional on-site workshop in Antwerp, Belgium.

You will build new, strategic leadership skills. The program is designed for cluster managers, cluster boards, national cluster programs, policymakers, and ecosystem developers.

The GCLP is lead by global cluster expert Christian Rangen

Strategy Simulation Facilitation

The Strategy Simulation Facilitator Certification is for anyone looking for new and effective ways of facilitation and working around strategy.

Becoming a fully certified strategy tools simulation facilitator requires learning and commitment.

The reason for this is simple. We want you to be successful. More importantly, we want your end users (clients, partners, students) to set the maximum impact and learn.

Our Offline Training Programs

Strategy Tools Master Trainer

The Strategy Tools Master Trainer is an advanced, 5-day strategy facilitator program. It is aimed at a limited number of highly experienced participants.

Upon completion of the program, you will have a deep understanding of how to use the various strategy tools across multiple working formats, like Hackathons, Sprints, Bootcamps & Strategy Journeys.

In-house Train-the trainer

Take our masterclass into your own company. Uniquely customized to your company context and strategy, we train your in-house team in the latest strategic thinking, global best practices, and new Strategy Tools.

The program is perfect for companies facing disruption, looking to build new growth ventures or develop new strategic capabilities in business development and innovation.

Duration: 3 months total, 3 days of main delivery, coaching and support recommended. Delivery at client location.


Strategy Tools Masterclasses

Learn directly from founder of Strategy Tools Christian Rangen in this two-day masterclasses. You will get a chance to meet with like-minded leaders for hands-on training, great case studies, and advanced facilitation techniques. Walk away with a brand new toolkit, great insights and inspiration.

Our masterclasses can be designed for startups, innovation clusters, and corporate groups. These can also be delivered in-house at your company. One of our bestsellers, the two-day Business Innovation Bootcamp gives you an introduction to Strategy Tools and how to use them for your organization. 


Our Custom Training Programs

Can’t find what you are looking for? We can customise a range of programs to fit your needs, your company context and strategy. Let us know you are interested at [email protected], or by filling in the form and we can start building the perfect program for you.

This was perhaps one of the most powerful learning experiences I have been through. 

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