Transform! Masterclass

An advanced-level masterclass for strategy and transformation

Transform! is crafted for comprehensive integrative learning, merging strategy, innovation, transformation, corporate finance, teamwork, and leadership into a unified learning experience. Tailored for executive education, leadership teams, strategy and innovation groups, and organizations embarking on large-scale transformation journeys, Transform! offers a holistic approach to learning and development.

Online or In-Person

Can be delivered in person, or 100% online.

Different Formats

Can be delivered in two or three-day formats.

Flexible Groups

For groups of 5 to 100+ participants.

What is Transform!

Transform! is an advanced-level masterclass for strategy and transformation. The masterclass is based on up-to-date research, combined with 20+ years of personal experience with transformation projects.

The masterclass puts the participants into the seats of a management team, where they have to lead the company through a challenging transformation journey.

Select between six different industries and easily adapt the simulation to your own curriculum and teaching content. 

Content Deepdive

Transform! is built around ‘strategy as choice’. Participants will be exposed to 100’s of possible decision points, in sum leading to the actual, executed strategy.  In total, the Transform! simulation has over 1500 unique content cards, leading to a vast number of possible outcomes for the competing teams.

Organic growth too slow?
Should you bring in the M&A Shark?
Invest into the dealmaking team and get more Buy innovation strategy cards? But beware, because your hostile behavior can backfire…

Building a business model portfolio can be tough. Should new gigafactories be a part of your transformation roadmap? But be careful with that 3,8BN debt facility.

How are you going to fund the transformation? What is your appetite for financial risk? How much debt are you willing to take on? And what are the chances of rising interest rates knocking the legs under you?
(read, SVB)

3-Day Masterclass

Detailed schedule and timings can be adjusted as needed. The Masterclass is designed for 10 – 100 people, in a 3-day format, but can be run in a shorter, 2-day format. The Masterclass can be delivered both in-person or 100% digital. We recommend the full 3-day format for maximum impact; or can deliver high impact in just 2 action-packed days.

DAY 1 (entry-level)


DAY 2 (intermediate)

Competitive Dynamics

DAY 3 (advanced)


Introduction, welcome

Participants & expectations

Opening presentation: Transform! introduction

Coffee Break

Start Transform! Simulation

Split into teams, 3-5 people per team. Work in teams

Start simulation (entry level)

Lunch Break

Transform! Entry-Level

Business Model Portfolio

Innovation Strategy

Coffee Break

Corporate Finance

Funding Your Transformation Journey

Recap day one

Work in teams, Transform! sim (intermediate level)

Coffee Break

Transform! Intermediate

Strategic Alliances

Corporate Venture Capital

Lunch Break

Working with Boards

Dealing with Unions

Transformation & Culture Challenges

Coffee Break

Dealing with Activist Investors

Recap day two

Work in teams, Transform! (advanced level)

Coffee Break

Transform! Advanced

Competitive Dynamics

Mergers & Acquisitions

Capital Markets

Lunch Break

Value creation for the win

Break Out Leadership

Coffee Break

Reflection, Transform! and bringing learning to my own company, impact for my leadership

Outcomes Day 1
  • Develop a high-level transformation strategy
  • Understand the management role in leading dual transformation
  • Handle industry shifts and how to deal with them
  • Identify and invest in the right investment opportunities
  • Develop a business model portfolio
  • Complete basic management accounting
  • Connect business models and finance (cash flow, revenue, profits and market capitalization)
  • Execute a transformation strategy
  • Align strategic decision-making in diverse teams
  • Manage financial analysts
  • Understand industry shifts and weak signals
Outcomes Day 2
  • Develop and execute an Innovation strategy
  • Build a corporate venture capital strategy and portfolio
  • Manage the Board of Directors during a transformation
  • Shareholder updates and shareholder meetings
  • Understand basic corporate finance
  • Understand how to connect strategy and finance
  • Finance the transformation, through debt, bonds, cash flow or corporate finance magic
  • Complete (passive or aggressive) investments in the transformation strategy
  • Deal with challenging financial analysts
  • Design an ESG & sustainability strategy
  • Lead the team through strategic challenges
  • Align strategic decision-making across corporate functions
Outcomes Day 3
  • Manage and respond to activist investors
  • From organic to inorganic growth
  • Understand value creation in capital markets
  • Dealmaking, mergers & acquisitions for value creation
  • Dealmaking and negotiation skills
  • Using finance as a strategic weapon
  • Defending against hostile take-overs
  • Managing successful M&A integration
  • Managing the egos and personality clashes of a potential M&A
  • Leading teams through complex situations
  • Managing and leading at the edge of chaos

What to Expect

You and your team will take on the role of a new management team. You will be challenged to develop a strategy and make strategic decisions under time pressure. You will be exposed to strategic dilemmas, hostile competitors, capital markets and all the factors a management team has to deal with.

Many people get overwhelmed. They function poorly as a team. They get stressed. They make bad decisions. They are unable to collaborate on strategy. They are unable to handle tough competitors. This is by design.

Transform! Is developed based on 20 years of insights into top management teams and how they handle transformation challenges in practice. Many don’t. This is an advanced masterclass, that will truly test your strategic leadership skills in action.

Understand the integrated nature of strategy, innovation, transformation and corporate finance

Understand the C-level challenges and dilemmas of leading large-scale transformation

Have better teamwork and communications across a management team, board, company teams or student teams


Be able to apply multiple new strategy & transformation canvases onto their own, personal leadership challenges

Reflect on the implications and challenges of the real-life company strategy & transformation challenges

Be able to lead large-scale transformation projects within the organization

Get the Toolkit

More than most people recognize, the Transform! experience is built around a series of visual strategy & transformation canvases.

The participants will work through proven visual tools that have helped lead successful transformation programs in aviation, technology, energy, oil & gas, and FMCG.

These canvases are used during the masterclass by the teams. They can then instantly be taken back and applied to the real-life organization and the ongoing transformation journey the participants are going through.

Learn how to transform real-life companies

The fundamental principles of Transform! is built on real-world experiences and insights. The stories and challenges, the emotions, confusion and strategic choices are all modeled after numerous real-life CEOs. Based on 20+ years of experience in the C-suite and extensive research across industries and markets, the Building the Transformational Company research is a refreshing approach to how leaders can lead transformation.

Transform! Simulation

In Transform! you take on the role of a new management team in an established company. Your job: transform the company, reach a 50BN market cap on the stock exchange. Avoid going bankrupt.

This, of course, is not as easy as it sounds. You have to navigate a massive level of complexity, make rapid-fire decisions on strategy, investments, partnerships, or outright hostility toward the other teams.

Yes, that’s right. You are competing (or collaborating) with up to six other teams around the ‘table’. You are all in the same industry space, but with very different strategies, strategy paradigms, and management attitudes.

The first team to reach a 50BN market cap is the winner. Good luck.

High Impact Use Case

Transform! is designed for executive education, leadership teams, strategy & innovation teams and any organization embarking upon a large-scale transformation journey.

How IE Business School Uses Transform! to Amplify Its Global Advanced Management Program


Most common questions we get for planning and delivering a masterclass.

How many people is the Masterclass suitable for?

The Masterclass is designed for 10-100 people, more available on demand. The ideal group size is between 20(small) and 60 (large) groups. Frequently, we have 30-45 people attending.

What level is the Masterclass suitable for?

The Masterclass can easily be adjusted based on the level- and experience of the participants. We have successfully run the Masterclass with participants ranging from C-level, Board roles and top executive roles to young founders and bachelor-level students. The content is slightly adjusted in line with the level and experience of the group.

What is expected of the participants?

The participants will participate in a 1-hour pre-session webinar, review some light materials in advance and join the full Masterclass. The participants are expected to participate fully, work in groups and generally be active during the program.

How many experts will run the Masterclass?

The standard minimum team is 2 people to run the Masterclass. Beyond that, we bring one expert per every 20 participants, to maximize learning, facilitation and outcome for the participants.

What is the background of the facilitators (experts)?

All facilitators are global experts in their respective domains. All of them are trained and fully certified on the sim and materials. Most are also faculty at leading business schools and hold extensive experience in their fields from years of practice in the field.

What is required for room, venue, working space?

A successful Masterclass requires significant, vast workspace to accommodate for group work and breakouts. We recommend one plenary room (conference hall or lecture setup) and multiple large working rooms (classrooms or conference rooms) for group works. We plan for ca. 10-20 people per group.

Bring Transform! to Your Company

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