Transformational Leadership

Highly Interactive Digital Masterclass

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David Lancefield

Christian Rangen

Transformational Leadership

A transformation – a major shift in an organization’s capabilities and identity so that it can deliver valuable results, relevant to its purpose – is a big ask for any leader. Many efforts fail. They don’t lead to the ability to change and adapt.

And now the stakes are getting even higher. Organizations are facing a prolonged period of uncertainty, challenging economic conditions, seismic geopolitical shifts, climate change, and societal fragility, much of which has been exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. Yet some organisations – particularly those operating in ecosystems – have prospered.

There’s no better time to sharpen up your skills, freshen your mindset and build some resilience if you’re tasked with leading a transformation; or one of the decision-makers and sponsors responsible for its success.

Why You Should Join

  • Strengthen your transformational leadership skills
  • Get insights and energy to thrive and perform in your leadership role
  • Get high-impact tools to improve your transformational leadership
  • Connect and collaborate with high-performing leaders from global organizations
  • Certification upon successful completion (Strategy Tools Digital Masterclass) that you can display through our Strategy Tools accreditation programme on LinkedIn and other professional platforms

Who Should Join

  • Leaders of transformation programmes in established organisations – overall leads, as well as workstream leads (e.g. culture, systems).
  • Corporate centre executives – strategy, corp and BD – involved in transformation (design, decisions, execution).
  • Executive Committee members (and NEDs) responsible for transformation.
  • Entrepreneurs looking to increase their chances of successes of their scale-up investments.
  • Intrapreneurs who want to identify how they can exploit innovation across the organization.
  • Consultants leading or facilitating aspects of their client’s transformation programme.

Join a Hand-On Digital Masterclass

  • Build your confidence in handling critical moments.
  • Sharpen your sense of purpose and develop your mindset, using the latest research from neuroscience and experience from successful transformations.
  • Improve your narrative – for the transformation and your own role – so you can communicate more effectively.
  • Understand and activate your strengths and best self.
  • Appreciate the five paradoxical roles you have to play – and the difference with other forms of leadership and management.
  • Learn from inspirational leaders and case studies – and work out how you can do it your way.
  • Use tools and frameworks you can use throughout the transformation journey.
  • Identify and engage the critical stakeholders to create momentum, and harness the best ideas.
  • Reflect on your own leadership style, resilience and impact – professionally and personally.
  • Map out immediate and medium-term actions that can increase your impact.
  • Create excitement, curiosity and sense of ambition for your leadership role.
  • Develop a diverse network of peers you can trust and learn from.


Day 1

13:00 CET

Opening interactive exercise
My role as Transformational Leader

What is transformational leadership?
New tools for transformational leadership

Articulating transformation

What is Transformation to me?

My transformation story

Interactive exercise

What are my top Transformation Challenges?


Transformational Leadership in Action


You will be working in small groups. You are the management team at selected companies and will work to solve a series of strategic dilemmas. Solve these in groups. Test your transformational leadership ability.

Reflections on personal transformation

End of day 1

Day 2

13:00 CET

My transformational leadership role

Interactive exercise

Assessment & action 

You will be working hands-on with the very latest tools from David & Chris.
These tools will continue to support your leadership role as you take your learning back to your leadership role.

Leadership & impact

Interactive exercise

Commitment and personal action

Personal reflection


End of Digital Masterclass

Be the First to Master New Tools

Be the first to access and work on new, high-impact tools for your leadership role.

 Work on assessment and development tools to drive new results.

Your Masterclass Will Include:

  • Pre-work: you identify a situation you’re finding challenging that you’d like the group to help you with. We give you an assessment to help you reflect on what’s working and what’s not (at the organizational and personal level).
  • A simulation to test how you react in different situations, working in teams.
  • Short, sharp presentations on topics to introduce the concept, model or practice.
  • Group discussions.
  • Q&A with Chris and David – an opportunity to ask questions and receive coaching “in the moment”.
  • Time for personal reflection, and real-time feedback from other participants (and tutors).

You Will Produce the Following:

  • Transformation canvas – mapping out the transition from where you are to where you want to be)
  • Moments that map canvas – highlighting what you need to do, when to have a disproportionate impact on the success of the transformation.
  • Leadership capability assessment – identifying your strengths and development areas)
  • Stakeholder engagement map – helping you work out your game plan for who, and how, you influence the critical individuals and groups.
  • Personal action plan – giving you clarity on your immediate focus, medium-term objectives and the way you’ll make it happen.

Your Trainers

David Lancefield

David Lancefield helps leaders unlock value by transforming themselves and their organisations. He serves as a catalyst, strategist and coach. He has advised more than 35 CEOs, led 500 projects, 30 transformation programmes, structured 15 digital ventures and has 14 years’ experience as a strategy partner in PwC. His clients have included the BBC, Royal Mail, Standard & Poors, Informa, Vodafone, NBC Universal, the National Health Service, Virgin Media, Technicolor, Sage.

He is a contributing editor of strategy+business, contributor to Harvard Business Review and a guest lecturer at London Business School. He is also a Board advisor to LeaderEQ, an AI-platform for executive coaching.

Christian Rangen | Strategy Tools

Christian Rangen is a serial entrepreneur, strategy expert, business school faculty, speaker, author – and most recently founder and CEO of Strategy Tools. Since 2011, Strategy Tools has been used with 1000’s of companies around the world. Over the past 18 years, he has advised companies and governments globally on strategy, innovation, transformation and developing ecosystems.

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