Creating Clarity: Transform Your Work with the Power of Visual Tools

A conversation with Holger Nils Pohl

Holger Nils Pohl

Christian Rangen

What we’ll discuss

Do you want more people to buy into your ideas?

Are you frustrated with too many unproductive meetings?

Are you struggling to find your way in life?

Do you need a new approach to solve the complex challenges of today?

In this webinar, founder of Strategy Tools Christian Rangen talks to visual strategist and facilitator extraordinaire Holger Nils Pohl about his upcoming book – Creating Clarity – and how it teaches you to harness numerous visual tools to create value for your business, your customers, and even your private life. 

The book launched on Kickstarter earlier this week and was fully funded in less than 24 hours. This webinar is your opportunity to get behind the scenes with Holger on what the book covers and learn from his experience as a visual communicator.

Learn more about the Creating Clarity here.

Topics We’ll Cover

  • A sneak peek into Creating Clarity – what visual tools are and how they can help you communicate better and get shit done
  • Interactive Q&A with Holger Nils Pohl


00:00 Welcome and Introduction

00:05 Main presentation by Holger

00:30 Discussion, Holger & Chris

00:40 Q&A from the participants

00:55 Summary conclusions


Holger Nils Pohl

Holger is a visual strategist, author, trainer and autistic who works internationally — in short: a creative powerhouse.

He believes in the transformational power of visual tools and creates clarity for his clients, workshop delegates, readers and viewers. He does this by reducing complexity to simple, actionable steps.

Holger has written and co-written seven books — one of them on the phone with his thumbs, while carrying his third born in a belly carrier. He has also co-created a business board game, visual facilitation app, a business comic for kids, and he’s currently working on some fiction projects. In other words, he can’t stop creating.

For years, he was a teacher at an arts school and a lecturer at two universities in Germany. Now he shares his knowledge in courses, workshops and private sessions. He’s also a trained carpenter and enjoys fixing or creating furniture.

When he’s not walking the dog, he feeds the rabbits or pets the family’s horse. And in the meantime, he sneaks out into the garden to play basketball.

Christian Rangen | Strategy Tools

Christian Rangen is a serial entrepreneur, strategy expert, business school faculty, speaker, author – and most recently founder and CEO of Strategy Tools. Since 2011, Strategy Tools has been used with 1000’s of companies around the world. Over the past 18 years, he has advised companies and governments globally on strategy, innovation, transformation and developing ecosystems.