Navigating Fast-Moving Unknown Futures

A conversation with Bill Fischer

28th April, 12:00 CEST

Bill Fischer

Christian Rangen

About the Webinar

The world is rapidly shifting. Since the Corona virus was first detected on December 30th, it has swept around the world and is likely to continue to do so for some time. Countries have reacted differently and implemented different policies. These choices and policies then carry massive implications for companies and CEOs, ​but they are probably harbingers of what will shape the rest of our lives, massive ecological and environmental challenges that appear unexpectedly, move fast, and carry high-stakes for an organization, community or even species. 

We have invited IMD Professor Bill Fischer to share his insights on how CEOs can think about strategy & growth – or just corporate survival in these challenging times. A ​native-born New Yorker, who also has Swiss nationality, with extensive experience from both China and Europe, Bill has a unique vantage point to help leaders make sense of and navigate the current landscape. 

 Join us for this one-hour webinar. Learn how you can think about strategy & growth in the age of surpass. 

Topics We’ll Cover

  • How COVID19 ​becomes a metaphor for all of the oversized challenges that we will face in our future 

  • How can CEOs navigate this landscape, ​which they don’t understand and have never seriously considered

  • How to think about strategy & growth – or corporate survival

  • Strategy & leadership in times of turbulence: looking ahead 

  • Interactive Q &A with IMD Professor Bill Fischer   


00:00 Welcome and Introduction

00:05 Main presentation by Bill

00:30 Discussion, Bill & Chris

00:40 Q&A from the participants

00:55 Summary conclusions

00:58 Closing notes


Bill Fischer

Bill Fischer is a Professor of Innovation Management at IMD. He co-founded and co-directs the IMD program on Driving Strategic Innovation, in cooperation with the Sloan School of Management at MIT,  and also authors a regular column for Forbes.com entitled “The Ideas Business,”.

 An engineer by training, American ​and Swiss by citizenship,  Bill has lived much of his life in Asia and Europe. Bill has been a practicing R&D engineer in both the Steel and Aerospace industries, is presently involved in three startups, and has also been part of a group that created and sold intellectual property to a major consulting firm. He has donated time as a “short-term” consultant to the WHO for parts of 17 years, mostly in R&D activities in the developing world. 

As an academic, he has held a full-professorship and endowed chair at the  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (1976-1998), moved to China with his family in 1980, and later became the President of the China Europe International Business School [CEIBS], in Shanghai (1997-1999). He has been awarded the Silver Magnolia award, Shanghai’s highest award for foreigners contributing to the city’s development, in 1999, and was inducted into the Thinkers50 Hall of Fame in 2019.  

Christian Rangen | Strategy Tools

Christian Rangen is a serial entrepreneur, strategy expert, business school faculty, speaker, author – and most recently founder and CEO of Strategy Tools. Since 2011, Strategy Tools has been used with 1000’s of companies around the world. Over the past 18 years, he has advised companies and governments globally on strategy, innovation, transformation and developing ecosystems.

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