Accelerate your start-ups

Improve the value you deliver to your start-ups. Get your start-ups investor ready in just hours, by gamifying entrepreneurship.

The missing piece of the puzzle

The challenges for startups and scale-ups are many, but in our experience “Investor Development” might be the toughest. Having founded, co-founded, invested in, supported or mentored more than 100 startups, we often find that most teams have zero idea how to think about investors, how to build a funding strategy or how to think about their long-term value development.

Build a better accelerator

Finding and identifing the right investors, how to approach them, how to find the right type of investor for the right stage, how to build a long-term investor base – this all seems to be a black box to many. Get your start-ups investor ready.

Give start-ups the skills that matter

Help your start-ups build capabilities and growth strategies that will make them successful.

Move beyond “product-market fit”

Use new startegy tools like the Scale Up Map to help them move beyond the lean start-up mindset.

Help them secure the right investors

Help them build capital strategies and funding roadmaps that will secure the right investors for them.

Create a unique learning experience for your start-ups

Start-up development, just better

Collaborate and follow up on progress – in the cloud


Strategy Tools @HATCH, the world’s first sustainable aquaculture accelerator program

“The feedback from the startups were super positive!

This is virtual scale up without the pain. It was wonderful to see discussions and people getting animated and having fun. It brought out the competitiveness in people. It’s also a wonderful way to structure and discuss important parts of a scale-up process – a solid framework to do that.”



Participant Feedback

I have gone from shying away from negotiating with investors, to wanting to embrace it.

I learned how much I do not know about investment and it was enjoyable?!! Brilliant engagement by Chris. I have a new mindset on all this.

Really enjoyed the dynamic nature of the simulation!

Excellent format. Perfect introduction to real-world investment!

Expert, impactful and expert advice delivered with passion and energy. Highly recommended.

I found this course made me consider things I never yet. The online tools will be very useful J

Chris held my attention for the entire session. I gained so much practical insight into investor relations and now feel able to map our strategy.

Accelerators using Strategy Tools

How it works


We come to you. We run it.

1-3 Days

Train Your Team

We train & certify your team. You run it.

2-3 Days


We work closely with you to build skills, insights & deep capabilities.

2-3 Years

Some of the topics we cover

Scale Up!




Digital Transformation!

Custom Simulations Developed for Your Accelerator

Our team has years of experience distilling complex strategies into easy-to-grasp tools and workshop formats.

Let’s discuss how we can custom shape a powerful strategy simulation for your accelerator, that fits within your brand guidelines.

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