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 Strategy Tools is a great partner to Strategy Consultants, Management Consultants, Facilitators and Trainers looking for new, effective ways to help my clients or organization with their strategic dilemmas and deliver impact and change.

Upgrade your strategy skills

Master new tools. We offer you different offline and online programs, including a complete Digital Academy (coming Q4 2019).

Secure new long-term strategy clients

Become a Global Coach, Master Trainer or Partner. Secure new strategy clients, grow your «internal pipeline» and boost demand.

Design strategy journeys

Help clients rethink how they do strategy. Shape new strategy journeys and explore an innovative, easy-to-use software to drive your client impact.

Strategy Tools Made For You

Simplify and visualize complex strategy processes for clarity and action with the help of over 40 powerful visual strategy tools.

We cover a wide variety of uses, from exploring new business models, transformation, or growing a startup.

Get access to guidebooks, expert advice and case studies to optimise your use of the tools with your clients.

Experience gamification in strategy

Use a new and effective way to approach strategy development with your clients. Combined with our tools and app, this creates a unique strategy development experience for driving client engagement and impact.

Join us at one of our discovery sessions to experience the simulations in action.

Work on Strategy in the Cloud

The Strategy Tools App enables you to work with your team on strategy – anytime, anywhere. Connect workshops and simulations with custom-built software solutions.

Partner to lead large scale Strategy Simulations

We are building a global Strategy Tools Partner Network. Get the rights in your country or region. Grow your customer base with large scale strategy simulations, customised solutions or startegy projects at scale.

Upgrade Your Strategy Consulting Skills


Strategy Tools Global Coaches

Build your consulting skills in our 100% online program.
Become a certified Strategy Tools Global Coach.

Strategy Tools Master Trainer

Learn directly from Strategy Tools Founder Christian Rangen.
Advanced 5 days of hands-on action.

Join a Global Strategy Community

The Hub is home to anyone working within the field of strategy. By joining the Hub, you become a member of a larger ecosystem with strategists from over 20 countries (and growing).

Run Your Global Strategy Projects Securely in the Cloud

Built for collaboration

Invite your clients. Collaborate in real time. Launch open innovation projects.

A Suite of Strategy Tools

Strategy Intro? Supercluster tools? Get the full suite.

Designed by & for global strategists

Join us, shape the future of strategy.

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