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Improve the value you deliver to your clients as a trusted strategic advisor through powerful strategy tools and capabilities.

Drive client impact

Strategy Tools is a great partner to Strategy Consultants, Management Consultants, Facilitators and Trainers looking for new, effective ways to help their clients with their strategic dilemmas and deliver impact and change.

Upgrade your strategy skills

Master new tools. We offer you different offline and online programs, including a complete Digital Academy.

Design strategy journeys

Help clients rethink how they do strategy. Shape new strategy journeys and explore an innovative, easy-to-use software to drive client impact.

Secure long-term strategy clients

Become a Global Coach, Master Trainer or Partner. Secure new strategy clients, grow your internal pipeline and boost demand.

Download powerful, visual strategy tools

Create a unique strategy development experience

Invite clients and collaborate on projects in the cloud

Network and learn from fellow strategists

Global Coaches

Upgrade your strategy consulting skills

Learn to use relevant strategy tools that are developed not just for the business challenges of today but the fast-changing industry landscapes of tomorrow.

4-week online program. Get certified for only €149

Global Coaches
They really started thinking differently.
Andy Green

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Grow your customer base by partnering with us

We are building a global Strategy Tools partner network.

Grow your customer base with large scale strategy simulations, customised solutions or strategy projects at scale.

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Become a Master Trainer

Global Coaches

Develop advanced strategic & facilitation skills in our intensive 5-day, hands-on program.

Global Coaches

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