Scale Up Angel!


A masterclass for business angels, aspiring angels,
ecosystems, entrepreneurs and investors worldwide

Scale Up Angel! Masterclass allows any current or aspiring angel investor to experience, understand and get started on successful angel investing in just hours. The Masterclass equips the participants with a profound insight into the role of angel investors and helps them truly understand how to become excellent angel investors.

The experience is perfectly suited for angel networks, angel clubs and angel ecosystems around thew world. The Masterclass is delivered over 2- or 3-day days, in-person or online. Work with us to bring Scale Up Angel Masterclass to your ecosystem.

We Come to You

Can be delivered in-person, anywhere in the world. Online delivery available upon request.

Flexible Groups

Well suited for new angels, aspiring angels, experienced angels, ecosystem players, banks, financing partners and entrepreneurs.

Build Your Angel Ecosystem

Perfect solution for anyone looking to build out new angel networks, grow established angel networks or onboard new angels to existing networks.

What is Scale Up Angel!

An incredible, highly interactive,  hands-on Masterclass in angel investing.  Learn angel investing by doing – not listening.

Using the highly recognized Scale Up Angel! Simulation, we split the the participants into two group, angel investors and founders. Angels invest in the companies they like, and work closely , taking the company from idea to exit, along the way experiencing every up and down of the founders’ journey, while raising 100’s of million in investor financing to survive and thrive. Angel investors work with founders to develop the right strategies and create real value.

Scale Up Angel! is designed for business angels, angel investor networks, advisors, national and regional innovation agencies, accelerators, incubators and innovation ecosystems. The program is also a great fit in classrooms and various angel- and entrepreneurship education courses.

Angels: Experience the Founders’ Journey

From early PMF, setting up ESOPs, cleaning up cap tables, bringing in growth investors and dealing with complex term sheets; you get to experience the founders’ journey, while at the same time managing your own angel portfolio.

Do this well, and your angel skills will help startups achieve breakout growth.

Learn The Eight Different Angel Styles

Dipping toes, spray & pray, Super Angel? Participants will learn the seven different angel styles and how to apply them in practice.  The Masterclass combines short teaching modules with extensive, interactive group work.

Build Your Early Angel Portfolio

Starting the masterclass, angels will need to commit their limited capital through a series of SAFE notes (Investments). SAFEs are your ticket into the market and your first opportunity to get on the cap table and take a seat on the board or simply just advising the companies. Once you start deploying your SAFE notes, you are well on your way!

Grow, Supporting Your Angel Portfolio

As an angel investor, during the Masterclass, you will need to closely track and monitor your investments. Some will go belly up, others will blitz to global unicorns; but can they do this without your support?

Who Can Join?

The Angel Masterclass can easily be delivered to a wide range of audiences. The most typical audiences fall in one of the three categories:


Participants with zero relevant experience in angel investing enjoy the simulation, albeit they also experience a (very) steep learning curve.

For this category, we recommend pre-teaching module(s) and extensive use of breakout teaching sessions.

1-3 years experience, 2-5 deals done

Participants with some experience in angel investing, maybe 2-5 deals done, jump into the experience, quickly grasping most key concepts and terminology.

Many thrive on the challenge and really enjoy the competitive elements of the simulation.

In this category, short teaching sessions and team exercises is sufficient to get everyone up to speed.

4-10 years experience, 5+ deals done

Participants with extensive experience in angel investing tend to do very well, often stepping into key leadership roles (and teaching roles) within their teams.

The more experience they have with angel investing in practice, the better the overall experience is with the team. At the end of the day, this group is the one that walks away with the most useful insights and action-oriented take-away.

3-Day Masterclass

Detailed schedule and timings can be adjusted as needed. The Masterclass is designed for 10 – 100 people, in a 3-day format, but can be run in a shorter, 2-day format. The Masterclass can be delivered both in-person or 100% digital. We recommend the full 3-day format for maximum impact; or can deliver high impact in just 2 action-packed days.

DAY 1 (entry-level)


DAY 2 (intermediate)

Boards, strategy, value

DAY 3 (advanced)

Outcomes, exits

Opening lecture:

  • What is angel investing?
  • How it works?
  • How to succeed (Deal flow, network, co-investments, exits)
  • The role of business angels in the ecosystem
  • How to be a ‘good’ angel
  • Your angel investor toolkit

Coffee Break


  • Interactive group work

Lunch Break


  • Interactive group work

Coffee Break

End of day 1

Group deliverables into day 2

Simulation (intermediate level)

  • Interactive group work

Coffee Break

Simulation (intermediate level)

  • Interactive group work

Lunch Break

Simulation (intermediate level)

  • Interactive group work

Coffee Break

End of day 2

Group deliverables into day 3

Simulation (advanced level)

  • Interactive group work

Coffee Break

Simulation (advanced level)

  • Closing presentations

Lunch Break

My role as a business angel

  • Growing the angel ecosystem
  • Dealflow
  • Network & syndicates
  • Co-investments
  • Exits
  • Angel Leads
  • Summary
  • My personal action plan

Coffee Break

Closing Debrief

Outcomes Day 1
  • Understand the role of angel investors and different angel investor strategies
  • Understand pre- and post-money valuation
  • Understand SAFE notes and basic mini-term sheets
  • Complete basic, simple funding rounds and maintain a correct, updated cap table
  • Segment investors based on ‘Strategic Fit’ and ‘Follow on Capacity’ (the Investor Map)
  • Complete 1-2 successful funding rounds
  • Raise 1M – 20M in pre-seed/seed funding
  • Deliver an updated cap table
  • Work closely with founders to develop the company
Outcomes Day 2
  • Understand how to help founder teams scale up
  • Quickly analyze complex mini-term sheets (investor cards)
  • Quickly analyze and segment 50-100 different investor cards
  • Quickly complete new funding rounds
  • Structure basic syndication rounds
    (multiple investors in one round)
  • Plan 3-5 funding rounds, across multiple stages, valuations and terms. Quickly identify challenging terms
  • Apply the golden rule of 3X, 10%-20% on a timeline with multiple funding rounds
  • Develop a long-term capital strategy (both equity and non-dilutive funding)
  • Complete 1-6 successful funding rounds
  • Raise: 20M – 100M in growth stage funding, including multiple syndicates
  • Understand the critical role of the board in capital strategy
  • Deliver an updated cap table
Outcomes Day 3
  • Understand ‘value creation’ for startup
  • Quickly analyze advanced Super investor term sheets (Superinvestor cards)
  • Complete complex, multi-step investor syndicates (complex funding rounds)
  • Successfully create between N and NNN in startup value
  • Return minimum NX investor value for early investors
  • Understand how a VC firm works and how it raises its investor capital
  • Develop long-term outcome scenarios for a startup
  • Raise large amounts in late-stage growth capital
  • Work closely with founders to execute a successful exit
  • Track your angel portfolio
  • Celebrate the best angel investor in the Masterclass
  • Develop a personal angel investor strategy

What to Expect

Combines angel portfolio, startup strategy, financing, investor negotiations, term sheet analysis, syndication and exits into an integrated, powerful experience

Make Investments

Track Your Portfolio

Help develop markups and follow on rounds

Coach founders on strategy

Help them negotiate growth rounds

Beware of overly diluting financing rounds

Stay clear of nasty term sheets

Lay the groundwork for a successful exit

Negotiate and close the exit deal of a lifetime

Get the Business Angel Toolkit

All participants receive the 40+ page Business Angel Masterclass Toolkit. Packed with 18 tools, designed exclusively to help business angels develop their strategy, increase their impact and make better investment returns, these tools will be used during Masterclass, but really comes to life in real-world use cases by the angel investors afterwards.

Your Angel Strategy

During the Masterclass, participants work to develop their own, personal angel strategy. Using tools like My Angel Strategy and Business Angel Strategy Index, participants will shape, discuss and reflect on their personal strategy moving forward. Should you be supporting founders on value creation? Can you support the next funding rounds? Do you have the network to deliver successful exits? These are just some of the questions asked of the angels during the program.

Scale Up Angel! Simulation

You are an aspiring business angel. You have 2M to invest and SAFE notes as your tool. Meet exciting startups, invest and partner with them. Your goal is to invest early and scale your portfolio startups to a successful scale up and exits and walk away with huge multiples on your investment. 

Along the way you will meet Ups (Boom), downs (Bust), investors, competing Angels, World Famous Advisors. You will develop strategies, funding structures, business models, pitches, deal with strategic dilemmas, tackle growth-stage investor pitches, master cap table math, deal with exit scenarios and help develop a long-term capital strategy. Your companies will struggle, and you need to help them overcome.

You will be competing and collaborating with other angel investors, all trying to outcompete you in the market.

High Impact Use Cases

Scale Up Angel! is designed for business angels, angel investor networks, advisors, national and regional innovation agencies, accelerators, incubators and innovation ecosystems. The program is also a great fit in classrooms and various angel- and entrepreneurship education courses. 

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Most common questions we get for planning and delivering a masterclass.

How many people is the Masterclass suitable for?

The Masterclass is designed for 10-100 people, more available on demand. The ideal group size is between 20(small) and 60 (large) groups. Frequently, we have 30-45 people attending.

What level is the Masterclass suitable for?

The Masterclass can easily be adjusted based on the level- and experience of the participants. We have successfully run the Masterclass with participants ranging from C-level, Board roles and top executive roles to young founders and bachelor-level students. The content is slightly adjusted in line with the level and experience of the group.

What is expected of the participants?

The participants will participate in a 1-hour pre-session webinar, review some light materials in advance and join the full Masterclass. The participants are expected to participate fully, work in groups and generally be active during the program.

How many experts will run the Masterclass?

The standard minimum team is 2 people to run the Masterclass. Beyond that, we bring one expert per every 20 participants, to maximize learning, facilitation and outcome for the participants.

What is the background of the facilitators (experts)?

All facilitators are global experts in their respective domains. All of them are trained and fully certified on the sim and materials. Most are also faculty at leading business schools and hold extensive experience in their fields from years of practice in the field.

What is required for room, venue, working space?

A successful Masterclass requires significant, vast workspace to accommodate for group work and breakouts. We recommend one plenary room (conference hall or lecture setup) and multiple large working rooms (classrooms or conference rooms) for group works. We plan for ca. 10-20 people per group.

Bring Scale Up Angel! to Your Ecosystem

Looking to grow an angel network, train your fellow angel investors or boost the angel ecosystem.