Create a future-fit organization

Get organizational impact and ROI with new strategy tools and strategy simulations.

Create organizational change & transformation at scale

Strategy Tools’ ecosystem of tools, training, simulations and software make it a perfect fit for HR, Corporate Training and Development teams looking for something beyond the ordinary training methods.

Strategic leadership training

Use world-class strategy simulations to develop new leadership skills.

Give HR a strategic role

Train everyone in the basics of innovation strategies and building business model portolios.

Build an agile organization

Prepare your company for disruption. Learn how to lead a transformation.

Create a unique corporate training & development experience

Strategy tools to accelerate transformation and change

Collaborate and follow up on progress – in the cloud

How it works


We come to you. We run it.

1-3 Days

Train Your Team

We train & certify your team. You run it.

2-3 Days


We work closely with you to build skills, insights & deep capabilities.

2-3 Years

Train People on Strategy – by Playing (Seriously)

Say goodbye to boring corporate training

Rather than sit them through a day of theory and digesting PowerPoint slides, take your team on a strategy development journey through real-world scenarios, filled with high-impact learning. They will leave laughing, and itching to take action, we promise.

Learn strategy by doing

The fact is, strategy as a concept is often hard to grasp – especially if you only read and hear about it. Strategy Tools’ strategy simulation process pushes you to think critically and make strategic decisions, even if you’ve never worked with strategy before.

All strategy simulations are built around selected Strategy Tools, connecting the boards, the tools and the software into one experience.

Experience the real world

All three simulations used in our workshops are developed based on realistic and current market environments. You will experience what it is like to grow a startup, transform a corporation or build a supercluster through real-world scenarios.

Empower decision-making

In each Strategy Simulation, you and your team members will be facing several micro-decisions that will make or break your company / cluster. Throughout the entire workshop, you will need to think on your feet and make strategically sound decisions that propel your company forward.

Foster better teamwork

During the workshop, even very diverse teams are forced to converse and collaborate – helping foster better understanding across different mindsets and working methods. You will break down silos even if they’ve never spoken to each other before.

Some of the topics we cover

Scale Up!




Digital Transformation!

Custom Simulations Developed for Your Organisation

Our team has years of experience distilling complex strategies into easy-to-grasp tools and workshop formats.

Let’s discuss how we can custom shape a powerful strategy simulation for your organisation, that fits within your brand guidelines.

Global Coaches

Upgrade your strategy skills

Learn to use relevant strategy tools that are developed not just for the business challenges of today but the fast-changing industry landscapes of tomorrow.

4-week online program. Get certified for only €149

Global Coaches

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