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Rise of Innovation Superclusters

An emerging global phenomenon Globally there are some 7000 innovation clusters. The EU alone has just below 3000 clusters. A country like Norway has 40. Denmark counts 14. Business clusters, according to traditional literature, are naturally emerging phenomenon,...

Building An Innovation Cluster

What is an Innovation Cluster? An innovation cluster, or often called industry cluster can be understood in two ways. The traditional view is that it is a collection of companies situated within some level of proximity, allowing for more collaboration, interaction,...

Who Starts the Transformation?

At the time, it struck me that we, at Strategy Tools, did not really have an answer to her question. So, we went back to our research, case studies, and interviews. We dug into our data, analyzed well-known cases, sketched out early designs for tools, and tested them. Eventually, we arrived at the Transformation Starters Map. What we found surprised us!


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