Fund Manager! Discovery Session

ONLINE, 2nd JUNE 2022

Get a taste of the digital strategy simulation Fund Manager! Get hands-on with how to build a venture fund, how to invest like a VC, and how to create returns like Tiger Global. You will be working in small teams to build and scale the most successful venture firm. You will be competing with up to six other venture firms, all chasing unicorns, dragons, and above-market returns. As always, navigate booms, busts, tax frauds, IRR calculations, strategic dilemmas, allocation strategies, follow-ons, Softbank, multiples, and deal negotiations….

Key Details


19:00 – 21:30 CEST


2nd June, 2022



Scale Up Simulation

What is Fund Manager!

In Fund Manager! You step into the shoes of a new fund management team. You and your team will work through the same, real-life challenges any new team will face. Who are the best LPs for our fund? How do we compensate our venture partners?  Which strategic advisors should we work with? Should we do follow-on? And how can we reach the 63X fund return Garry Tan at Initialized Capital achieved with Coinbase in his fund?

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Free to attend. Limited seats. Once the session is full, we will add new dates for you.